Michael Steele Tears Jim Jordan A New One For Pretending Not To Know When He Talked To Trump On 1/6

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Former RNC Chair Michael Steele spoke his caput and unloaded connected Jim Jordan for pretending not to cognize erstwhile helium talked to Trump connected 1/6.


“You cognize bitch what clip you called the president and you cognize what you said.” Michael Steele, uncensored and connected fire, says Jim Jordan is lying erstwhile helium claims not to callback his 1/6 conversations with Trump https://t.co/aeG2IkwLgT

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Steele said connected Lincoln Project TV:

I tin archer you the time, the date, the place, I’ve had each speech with each president of this country. Period, going backmost to Bill Clinton. I tin archer you wherever I was. I tin archer you what was said. This lad of a b*tch is up determination acting like, I don’t cognize if it was before. I don’t cognize if it was after. Oh, lordy. Jesus. I gotta look astatine my notes.

You know, b*itch what clip you called the president, and you cognize what you said. You’re  a grown a*s man, halt acting similar you’re 10 years aged and you got caught masturbating by your mama, halt it.

No One Is Buying Jim Jordan’s 1/6 Excuses

Rep. Jordan has admitted talking to Trump connected 1/6. He claims that helium can’t retrieve when. Michael Steele was right. Of course, Jordan knows, but won’t accidental when, due to the fact that it volition implicate him successful the attack, and helium apt has damning grounds against Trump.

People don’t hide erstwhile they talked to the president, but it sounds similar Jim Jordan whitethorn request a subpoena to jog his memory.

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