Mudslides Shut Down I-70 in Colorado

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U.S.|Mudslides unopen down I-70 successful Colorado, a large U.S. proscription artery.


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Drone footage shows Interstate 70 done Glenwood Canyon, Colo., closed to travelers aft a mudslide caused by dense rains blocked the road. Sections of the road could beryllium closed for weeks.CreditCredit...Colorado Department of Transportation
  • Aug. 3, 2021, 9:34 a.m. ET

Gov. Jared Polis of Colorado said helium would state a authorities of exigency aft mudslides tore done Interstate 70 successful Glenwood Canyon westbound of Denver implicit the weekend.

The road is simply a captious proscription way for Colorado residents and a cardinal artery for the system of the occidental United States, Mr. Polis said during a quality league connected Monday. Images of the damage, shared by the Colorado Department of Transportation, showed ample rocks, trees and different debris covering the highway.

(8/1) I-70 done Glenwood Canyon volition proceed to beryllium closed owed to utmost harm from the latest circular of flooding Saturday nighttime (7/31). Motorists advised to instrumentality bluish alternate way (see map), and trucks traveling done instrumentality I-80. Go to

— Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) (@ColoradoDOT) August 1, 2021

Mr. Polis said the authorities did not yet cognize the grade of the harm and said that sections of the road would stay closed for weeks.

On average, little than 2 and a fractional inches of rainfall falls successful Glenwood Canyon during the period of July, Mr. Polis said. That country received 4 inches of rainfall successful 5 days. Extensive harm was reported on aggregate sections of the highway, and immoderate areas were nether 10 feet oregon much of mud.

“Given the 3 historical wildfires that we experienced past summer, the 3 largest successful the past of our state, we knew that we would spot the terrible interaction that pain scars and debris tin person connected a landscape,” Mr. Polis said.

Last year’s Cameron Peak occurrence was the largest successful Colorado’s history, consuming much than 200,000 acres.

The existent monsoon upwind patterns crossed Colorado whitethorn nutrient much damage, and overmuch of the occidental fractional of the authorities was nether a flash-flood ticker connected Tuesday, the National Weather Service said. Slow-moving thunderstorms, bringing dense rains, were expected done the day.

“We’re not retired of the woods yet,” Mr. Polis said. “We person to marque it done this monsoons season. Once the frost hits, it’s little apt to beryllium a dire situation.”

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