New Orleans mayor: Not enough time to order new evacuations ahead of Ida

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 (CNN) — Almost 16 years to the day after Hurricane Katrina overwhelmed the city’s flood extortion system, New Orleans is bracing for different perchance unsafe storm.

Hurricane Ida was moving into the Gulf of Mexico connected Friday arsenic a Category 1 hurricane but forecasters accidental it could deed the Gulf Coast arsenic a Category 4 storm on Sunday.

In New Orleans, Mayor LaToya Cantrell announced Friday evening that the National Weather Service and Gov. John Bel Edwards person indicated determination is nary clip for implementing contraflow traffic, meaning the metropolis cannot contented a mandatory evacuation for areas wrong the levee system.

Contraflow is erstwhile authorities usage immoderate lanes of postulation for question successful the other absorption of what was intended truthful much vehicles tin permission an area.

New Orleans has present pivoted to a voluntary evacuation for areas not already nether a mandatory evacuation order, the politician said. The metropolis volition adjacent connected Monday, giving eligible employees an accidental to voluntarily evacuate arsenic well.

Cantrell had already issued a mandatory evacuation of areas that are extracurricular its flood extortion system.

“The concern is overmuch much superior than it was six hours ago, and the hurricane, it represents a melodramatic menace to the radical of the metropolis of New Orleans. Time is not connected our side,” Cantrell said.

Earlier she urged residents to person hurricane preparations successful spot by Saturday afternoon. “Do not wait,” she said.

According to Collin Arnold, manager of the New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, the metropolis is anticipating impacts from damaging winds up to 110 mph, which could origin downed trees, operation harm and prolonged powerfulness outages.

Heavy rainfall successful excess of perchance 16 to 20 inches implicit 2 days is besides expected, which could origin important flooding and tempest surge extracurricular of the levee strategy up to 11 feet, Arnold said.

Inside the system, unsafe winds airs a important menace for extended powerfulness outages.

“Please see evacuating if you are able, particularly if you are aged oregon babelike connected power. That’s our main interest here, is the electrical outages … station storm,” Arnold said. “And if you are going to evacuate, you cognize that’s a work that you instrumentality connected — bash truthful arsenic soon arsenic possible. You bash not privation to beryllium stuck connected the road, erstwhile the storms impacts arise.”

Cantrell besides said the metropolis has already executed contracts associated with having capable autobus proscription should a post-evacuation beryllium needed.

The National Hurricane Center said Ida, which had sustained winds of 80 mph Friday evening, could deed the United States with winds of 140 mph.

Hurricane Katrina had sustained winds of 125 miles per hr erstwhile it made landfall successful southeast Louisiana connected August 29, 2005.

Storm surge that caused overmuch demolition successful Louisiana erstwhile the h2o topped levees and flood walls. More than 80% of New Orleans flooded.

“In Southeast Louisiana, tempest surge values ranged from 10 to 20 feet and impacted areas extending from Terrebonne Parish to the Northshore communities of Lake Pontchartrain including Mandeville and Slidell,” the National Weather Service successful New Orleans says connected its archive leafage astir Katrina.

More than 1,500 radical successful Louisiana died aft Katrina hit. According to the Census Bureau, 70% of New Orleans’ occupied housing, 134,000 units, was damaged successful the storm.

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