New York AG Finds Gov. Cuomo Broke Federal And State Laws By Sexually Harassing Women

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New York AG Letitia James announced that an autarkic probe has recovered that Gov. Andrew Cuomo violated national and authorities laws by sexually harassing pistillate employees.


NY Attorney General James connected the autarkic probe into intersexual harassment claims against Gov. Cuomo, "The probe has concluded that politician Cuomo sexually harassed respective women and successful doing truthful violated national and authorities law."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) August 3, 2021

AG James said astatine a property league announcing the autarkic findings, “The probe has concluded that politician Cuomo sexually harassed respective women and successful doing truthful violated federal and state law. Specifically, the probe found that politician Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed existent and former state employees by engaging successful unwelcomed touching and making comments of a suggestive and intersexual nature that created a hostile work environment for women. The investigators independently corroborated and substantiated these facts done interviews and evidence, including contemporaneous notes and communications. This grounds volition beryllium made available to the nationalist along with the report.”

There Is No Place In The Democratic Party For Men Like Andrew Cuomo 

Republicans enabled and encouraged intersexual harassment and worse nether Donald Trump. Accused rapists and intersexual harassers are astatine the apical of the Republican Party.

Democrats aren’t Republicans. There is nary spot for Andrew Cuomo successful the Democratic Party.

Andrew Cuomo violated the rights of women to enactment successful a harmless environment. What helium did was amerciable astatine some the national and authorities level.

Sexism, conscionable similar racism, homophobia, oregon ableism knows nary governmental party, truthful Andrew Cuomo has got to go.

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