‘No human can ever be illegal’: Group marches 300 miles to demand driver’s licenses for undocumented Hoosiers

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indiana immigrants marched hundreds of miles successful vigor and rainfall to request changes to however the authorities provides entree to driver’s licenses.

Protesters marched from South Bend to Indianapolis arsenic portion of a objection to request entree to driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants.

Dominga Cortez is an undocumented migrant demanding driver’s licenses. Two weeks ago, she took portion successful the 300-mile march to Indianapolis with Cosecha Indiana, an advocacy radical that fights for the imperishable extortion for millions of undocumented immigrants successful the country.

In 2007, Indiana passed a instrumentality that tied driver’s licenses, permits and conveyance registration to citizenship and migration status. Earlier this year, authorities that would let undocumented immigrants to get driving cards was introduced successful the Indiana House and Senate. That authorities did not pass.

Cortez says the metropolis of Indianapolis needs to perceive to them and that they’re warring for a basal necessity. These immigrants accidental they privation state to thrust without fearfulness of arrest.

That was the crushed down the locomotion that started July 10 successful Gary and East Chicago. Protesters marched done South Bend, Elkhart, Fort Wayne, Logansport and Lafayette. Despite the rainfall and 95-degree heat, each measurement guardant meant thing greater than themselves.

“We judge that the powerfulness is with the people, truthful for america to beryllium capable to grow, empower and amended our chap migrant brothers and sisters successful the state, I deliberation was worthy it,” Danni Lerma, an Indianapolis resident.

Cortez says the combat isn’t going to end, and she and others volition bash immoderate it takes to bring change.

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