Opinion: John Kennedy Foolishly Reveals That Republican Attacks on Women Are Purely Religious, and Unconstitutional

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On Wednesday past the Senate Judiciary Committee was holding hearings for immoderate of President Joe Biden’s nominees. Those nominees included Hampton Dellinger selected to service arsenic adjunct lawyer wide successful the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Policy.

No uncertainty Mr. Dellinger expected to get a due drilling by Republican senators due to the fact that helium is simply a progressive, and devout Catholic, who stands up for the rights of each Americans. Obviously, that includes women and that is wherever the occupation began.

Some sanctimonious container of feces from Louisiana serving arsenic a United States senator, John Kennedy, was acceptable and waiting to pillory Mr. Dellinger implicit a tweet successful which helium correctly asserted that Republican men are the driving unit down termination restrictions. His tweet, “If determination were nary Republican men successful elected bureau determination would beryllium nary termination bans” rubbed Kennedy the incorrect way.  

Of people that is the gospel truth, but it struck a earthy spiritual patriarchal nervus successful Senator John Kennedy. He work the tweet retired large and past proceeded down a way that revealed his theocratic and blatantly hypocritical mindset. Kennedy asked Mr. Dellinger:

Do you deliberation that my votes with respect to termination are based connected the information that I privation to power women?”

Mr. Dellinger past responded that helium “cannot talk to that.” So the patriarchal legislator responded, “Then why’d you accidental it successful beforehand of God and country?

Mr. Dellinger replied that successful his caput the Supreme Court’s decisions to support a woman’s  reproductive rights “are important.”

Then Kennedy made a brace of superior mistakes. First helium asked Mr. Dellinger:

Do you judge successful God?

When Dellinger told him that “I person faith, I believe.”  Kennedy exploded:

A batch of radical person faith. Did it ever hap to you that immoderate radical whitethorn basal their presumption connected termination connected their faith?”

 Kennedy exposed a information astir Americans already cognize astir the Republicans’ intent to power women by erasing their close to determine her ain reproductive health.  The Republican absorption to a woman’s close to take is based purely connected religion. Legislating according to religion has nary spot anyplace connected Earth but successful a theocratic dictatorship similar Afghanistan, Iran and the fictional theocratic America called Gilead. The United States Constitution’s 1st Amendment strictly prohibits spiritual laws.

Kennedy had nary close asking Mr. Dellinger if helium believed successful deity due to the fact that it is “expressly forbidden” according to the United States Constitution, Article VI wherever it plainly states:

No spiritual Test shall ever beryllium required arsenic a Qualification to immoderate Office oregon nationalist Trust nether the United States.

Kennedy’s query violated the “No spiritual test” clause of the U.S. Constitution and helium tin ne'er accidental helium was unaware of Article VI due to the fact that Kennedy brought up the clause conscionable 3 years ago.

In 2017 erstwhile “Handmaiden” Amy Coney Barrett appeared earlier the Senate Judiciary Committee, respective Democratic senators who were alert of Coney-Barrett’s tendency to unrecorded successful an America resembling “Gilead,” inquired whether her extremist Catholic faith would interfere with her duties arsenic a just jurist. Four outraged Republican senators bristled astatine the enactment of questioning and asserted that these benignant of questions were tantamount to an unconstitutional spiritual test.

Then, successful 2020 Barrett appeared earlier the aforesaid committee to beryllium confirmed arsenic an Associate Justice connected the Supreme Court. Fully alert of handmaiden Barrett’s Gilead aspirations, Republicans warned that any questions astir her extremist religion would interruption the Constitution.

Several of the Republican senators, including the pistillate dog’s lad John Kennedy, alleged that immoderate specified questions astir Barrett’s quality to service without imposing her religion connected the state would magnitude to spiritual bigotry against Catholics. In fact, that soiled traitor to the Constitution Josh Hawley adjacent declared that asking Barrett thing regarding the landmark Supreme Court determination establishing a close to contraception, Griswold v. Connecticut, would represent a bigoted onslaught connected her faith.

Republicans are mostly hypocrites; they simply can’t assistance themselves. However, Kennedy not lone exposed his flagrant hypocrisy and violated the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition connected a spiritual trial to service successful the nationalist trust, helium revealed close determination “in beforehand of deity and county” that helium does so privation to power women according to his religion.

This is the archetypal clip successful caller representation that a Republican has openly confessed that his thrust to power women is borne of a flawed spiritual content that is obscurity to beryllium recovered successful the Christian book helium professes to clasp adjacent and beloved to his patriarchal achromatic heart.

This is an lawsuit that is successful the nationalist grounds and should service arsenic a invaluable limb against each Republican attempts to prohibition a woman’s close to power her ain reproductive health. John Kennedy made a superior mistake and 1 tin lone anticipation it comes backmost to deed him quadrate successful his spiritual face.

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