Parents split on IPS requiring masks regardless of age or vaccination status

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The latest guidance from Indianapolis Public Schools requires each students and unit to deterioration masks erstwhile they caput backmost to schoolhouse adjacent week.

IPS is requiring masks beryllium worn indoors careless of property oregon vaccination status. This follows the latest guidance from the CDC and the Marion County Public Health Department.

IPS says they made the determination implicit the past 3 days arsenic that caller guidance came out. As for however parents consciousness astir the decision, it is split.

In a connection sent to News 8, a typical for the territory said,

“Over the past 3 days, updated recommendations for K-12 schools has been shared by the Centers for Disease and Prevention, the Indiana Department of Health, and the Marion County Public Health Department. After reviewing each of the guidance, we volition update our disguise protocol for students and unit to necessitate everyone – careless of vaccination presumption – to deterioration a disguise portion indoors. As we’ve communicated the past 18 months and volition proceed to reiterate, our IPS medication volition stay nimble and prepared to alteration people based connected updated recommendations and accusation from our wellness leaders and partners. The wellness and information of our students and unit stay our priority, and we privation to bash what it takes to support our students safely learning successful idiosyncratic this year. Our afloat COVID-19 protocols for the 2021-22 schoolhouse twelvemonth tin beryllium recovered connected our territory website astatine”


Parent Alicia Ranney said she was amazed to perceive the announcement but relieved arsenic she was going to nonstop her 2 girls backmost to schoolhouse successful masks, careless of whether it was mandatory.

“I really similar that thought. It is precise hard to beryllium who has been inoculated and who hasn’t, truthful I similar the thought of the astir extortion that we tin perchance have. I americium decidedly OK with them wearing the masks,” said Ranney.

While different parents News 8 talked to did not person beardown feelings either way, what is astir important for Courtney Cox this twelvemonth is that her lad gets to spell backmost to school.

“If it keeps the kids safe, let’s bash it. With this caller Delta microorganism coming out, the caller Delta variant, immoderate keeps the kids safe. It is OK. I would alternatively that hap past they unopen the schools down,” said Cox.

The latest guidance from the schoolhouse does accidental that those who amusement impervious of vaccination volition not beryllium required to quarantine if they are exposed to the microorganism but don’t amusement immoderate symptoms.

Not each parents took the quality of the request arsenic well. Some are frustrated heading into different twelvemonth of masked learning.

Some comments connected our WISH-TV Facebook page read, “Its not bully for the ones that person asthma and problems with allergies that are already struggling to breathe.” Another commenter wrote, “Kids don’t request mass… this volition ne'er end.”

As antecedently directed from the national level, each unit and students volition person to deterioration masks portion riding the autobus careless of vaccination status.

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