Pentagon Complex on Lockdown Following Shooting

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Politics|Pentagon analyzable connected lockdown pursuing a shooting astatine an entrance.

The country   astatine  the Pentagon aft  reports of a shooting astatine  the building’s Metro entranceway  connected  Tuesday morning.
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John Ismay

  • Aug. 3, 2021, 11:46 a.m. ET

The Pentagon analyzable was locked down pursuing a shooting astatine the building’s Metro entranceway connected Tuesday morning.

It was not instantly wide however galore shots were fired and if anyone was injured oregon killed.

According to a nationalist affairs worker successful the Secretary of Defense’s office, a connection was work implicit the Pentagon’s loudspeaker strategy astatine astir 10:45 a.m. Eastern stating that determination had been “a shooting incidental astatine the Metro autobus area” and instructing employees to “stay successful the gathering until further notice.”

The announcement was followed by an alert sent to each machine terminals successful the Pentagon astir 15 minutes aboriginal reiterating the aforesaid accusation to each employees.

Security astatine the gathering is provided by the Pentagon Force Protection Agency. Phone calls to the agency’s spokesperson were not instantly returned.

The Pentagon’s Metro entranceway was antecedently attacked in March 2010, erstwhile John Patrick Bedell pulled retired 2 9-millimeter semiautomatic weapons and began shooting astatine the information checkpoint adjacent the entranceway to the Pentagon subway station, wounding 2 officers. Mr. Bedell was changeable and killed by information officers.

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