Police: Anderson man murdered after asking driver to slow down

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ANDERSON, Ind. (WISH) — The Anderson Police Department charged an 18-year-old antheral successful the execution of an Anderson antheral that occurred past week.

Aundray Ivy Jr., 18, was arrested connected Friday and charged with archetypal grade murder.

According to tribunal documents, Christian Cox, 35, and his girlfriend, were talking with their landlord connected Thursday extracurricular of their residence connected West Ninth Street erstwhile a conveyance with tinted windows drove by astatine a precocious complaint of speed. Police accidental the mates yelled for the car to dilatory down due to the fact that their girl was connected the sidewalk connected the different broadside of the street.

While the mates was inactive outside, the car returned, slowing down successful beforehand of their house. According to police, Cox exchanged words with idiosyncratic successful the car. The operator past drove a fewer yards distant and stopped astatine the intersection of Ninth Street and Sycamore Street.

According to Cox’s girlfriend, Cox approached the car. That’s erstwhile she heard respective gunshots.

She past saw Cox measurement backmost and occurrence 1 changeable earlier falling to the ground.

Police accidental she called 911, preformed CPR and covered Cox’s coiled until archetypal responders arrived. She told constabulary Cox didn’t accidental a connection aft helium was shot.

Cox was transported to St. Vincent Hospital wherever helium aboriginal died.

According to tribunal documents, an unnamed witnesser followed the shooter’s car to the 1300 artifact of West 10th Street and saw idiosyncratic participate a house.

Police responded to the location and located Ivy astatine the residence and helium was taken into custody.

A comparative of Ivy told constabulary that helium had arrived astatine the 10th Street residence connected Thursday, saying that idiosyncratic had deed his car. According to the relative, Ivy grabbed his gun, which was greenish successful color, and said helium was going to sprout astatine the couple’s location to scare them.

Ivy’s woman said that erstwhile helium aboriginal returned to the residence connected 10th Street helium vomited and said helium changeable someone.

Police aboriginal recovered a greenish handgun from the location that was hidden successful a hamper.

Ivy’s archetypal proceeding was scheduled for Wednesday.

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