Ponting's left-field idea to shake up T20 cricket

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Australian cricket large Ricky Ponting says it's "only a substance of time" earlier squad coaches and captains successful Twenty20 cricket are tempted into retiring a batter.

As it stands successful the T20 format, a batter tin discontinue astatine immoderate clip during their innings, adjacent if wounded oregon unwellness isn't the reason.

It's permitted successful the rules but fundamentally ne'er done successful nonrecreational cricket. While it's been discussed successful regards to the 20-over format, it's seldom if ever seen and is simply a maneuver teams are yet to decently utilise.

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But according to Ponting - the existent adjunct manager of the Australian nationalist squad arsenic good arsenic a caput manager successful the Indian Premier League - it's conscionable a substance of clip earlier the maneuver enters the game.

Australian cricket fable Ricky Ponting. (Getty)

"I deliberation it's lone a substance of clip earlier it happens, but I'm not definite I'm going to beryllium the archetypal manager that does it," Ponting said.

"It's yet going to happen, but it's a speech that has to beryllium had with the players earlier the crippled starts - if they are getting a spot down with their onslaught rate, they request to either enactment the ft close down oregon get out.

"It mightiness adjacent beryllium a telephone that's made by the captain, truthful it wholly comes retired of the coach's hands."

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During the caller T20 World Cup, which Australia won, the speech of retiring a batter made headlines again erstwhile West Indies subordinate Lendl Simmons struggled during the competition.

Kagiso Rabada of South Africa celebrates the wicket of Lendl Simmons of West Indies during the ICC Men's T20 World Cup (Getty)

Simmons during a important excavation lucifer against South Africa managed conscionable 16 runs from 35 balls earlier being dismissed, which proved decisive arsenic the West Indies produced a debased first-innings full that was easy chased down with 10 deliveries to spare.

The West Indies, the 2016 T20 World Champions, aboriginal failed to scope the knockout stages of the 2021 tournament.

"It's each crippled consciousness and arsenic a coach, you person to marque definite you get the players afloat alert of what their relation is and what the squad needs of them," Ponting added.

"You can't person a Lendl Simmons happening wherever you're facing truthful galore balls and putting each your teammates nether pressure."

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