Possible 'Havana Syndrome' Incident in Hanoi Delays Kamala Harris's Arrival There

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Politics|A study of an unexplained ‘health incident’ successful Hanoi delays Harris’s arrival.


Vice President Kamala Harris was delayed Tuesday for much than 3 hours arsenic she was departing from Singapore for Vietnam due to the fact that of a study of a caller imaginable “anomalous wellness incident” successful Hanoi, wherever she volition sermon nationalist wellness strategies and question to bolster partnerships successful the South China Sea, a important portion of President Biden’s strategy to antagonistic the rising economical power of China.

“Anomalous wellness incident” is however the Biden medication typically refers to cases of the alleged “Havana Syndrome” attacks, the unexplained headaches, dizziness and representation nonaccomplishment reported by scores of State Department officials, C.I.A. officers and their families.

A spokeswoman for Ms. Harris, Symone Sanders, assured reporters traveling with the vice president connected her 2nd overseas travel since taking bureau that her wellness was not affected.

“You saw her get onto the plane. She is well, each is good and looking guardant to meetings successful Hanoi tomorrow,” Ms. Sanders said erstwhile pressed connected the origin of the delay. She aboriginal added: “This has thing to bash with the vice president’s health.”

A State Department spokesperson said successful a connection that “after cautious assessment, the determination was made to proceed with the vice president’s trip.” The delegation arrived successful Hanoi, Vietnam, connected Tuesday night.

Before departing for the airport, Ms. Harris participated successful a closed-door meet-and-greet with U.S. embassy staff. Members of the property corps traveling with her were already loaded into a motorcade awaiting her departure erstwhile they were abruptly sent backmost to their edifice rooms, earlier being summoned backmost to proceed the trip.

Upon arriving successful Hanoi aboard Air Force Two, Ms. Harris did not respond to a shouted question from a newsman astir wherefore she decided to proceed connected her travel successful the aftermath of the report.

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