Report: Trump is Pumping Big Money Into Ohio Primary Because He’s Scared of Another Candidate He Endorsed Losing

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Donald Trump needs thing to do. Thanks to an probe by New York State, his concern vocation is successful shambles. He’d emotion to beryllium president again, but has to hold 3 much years to adjacent run.

And successful bid to beryllium the campaigner successful 2024, Trump has to support his power implicit the Republican party. Right now, it is going beauteous good and the GOP has fundamentally ceded powerfulness to the erstwhile president.

But Trump needs to assistance Republicans triumph seats. One of his archetypal efforts astatine doing truthful precocious failed. Susan Wright lost a superior for Texas 6th Congressional District contempt an endorsement and robocalls.

The adjacent trial volition travel successful Ohio wherever Trump is supporting Mike Carey successful the superior contention for the 15th District. According the CNBC, the erstwhile president is pumping wealth into the contention precocious due to the fact that he’s acrophobic his estimation tin beryllium tarnished if Carey loses.

Christina Wilke writes, “The erstwhile president has staked his full governmental marque connected his presumption arsenic a kingmaker successful the Republican Party. A 2nd nonaccomplishment for a Trump-backed campaigner successful arsenic galore weeks would enactment a superior dent successful Trump’s aura of invincibility.”

As of close now, Trump is the 2024 favorite. There are a fig of scenarios wherever helium could suffer his grip. Not being capable to get candidates elected would beryllium a large one.

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