Return of the Space Cow Boy: where to buy SCB as it surges 170%

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Space Cow Boy is an NFT marketplace and curator that aims to go the fig 1 destination for sci-fi fans

The NFT mean lends itself to sci-fi themes naturally, with a important crossover betwixt lovers of the genre and tech pioneers. With the taxable of abstraction besides prevalent successful crypto circles acknowledgment to the “to the moon” meme, Space Cow Boy (SCB) feels similar an inevitable effect of the collision of these 2 worlds.

With a terms surge of 170% today, SCB is 1 of the hottest tokens connected the market, and successful this article, we’ll amusement you however and wherever to bargain SCB close now.

How & wherever to bargain Space Cow Boy successful the UK and elsewhere

Space Cow Boy tokens tin beryllium purchased easy online. If you privation to commencement trading cryptocurrencies today, we’ve listed 2 of the precise champion platforms to get started with. After you’ve created a escaped account, simply link a outgo method and marque your archetypal deposit. You tin present statesman trading the apical coins with ease.

Some traders similar to usage decentralised exchanges, sometimes known arsenic “DEXs”, to put successful coins similar SCB. We counsel against this, however, arsenic these platforms are usually unlicensed and arsenic specified connection investors precise small protection. All of the platforms we urge are afloat licensed and regulated.

What is Space Cow Boy?

Space Cow Boy is an NFT hub that curates a enactment of uncommon NFTs made by sci-fi lovers, for sci-fi lovers. This includes uncommon collectables and virtual trading cards arsenic good arsenic art. With an integrated marketplace and store, collectors tin workplace caller NFTs via staking and web information arsenic good arsenic seeking retired their favourites from sellers connected the platform.

The NFT marketplace has exploded this year, and sci-fi lovers whitethorn beryllium baffled by the sheer measurement of NFTs connected the market. Space Cow Boy aims to marque it easier to find the champion sci-fi tokens by curating a tiny selection, and this could assistance caller investors get into the NFT market.

Should I bargain SCB today?

SCB is 1 of today’s trending coins and is performing amended than astir each different token connected the marketplace today. The SCB terms is presently up by 170% connected the day, and astatine $14.38, today’s terms is up by an astonishing 702% implicit the past 14 days. This makes SCB 1 of the starring NFT-based tokens.

Should the NFT question proceed to grow—as galore analysts expect it to—then determination is simply a beardown anticipation that Space Cow Boy volition proceed to summation popularity successful the agelong term. 

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