Ricciardo's sad response to F1 qualifying flop

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Daniel Ricciardo has qualified 11th for the F1 Hungarian Grand Prix, missing the last league and again trailing his McLaren teammate Lando Norris.

While Norris snared sixth connected the grid, Ricciardo was again acold slower. He had a simple, bittersweet absorption erstwhile told implicit squad vigor wherever helium had placed successful Q2.

"OK, each close ... F--k."

When commentator David Croft apologised for the language, erstwhile satellite champion Nico Rosberg chimed in: "Yeah but it's the close word." Rosberg added: "It's different really, truly atrocious time for Daniel."

The value of Ricciardo's struggles for his caller squad are intelligibly becoming entrenched. He is 5 spots and 63 points down Norris successful the operator standings heading into this weekend's race.

Daniel Ricciardo drives his McLaren astatine the F1 Grand Prix of Hungary. (Getty)

Lewis Hamilton's 101st rod presumption successful Formula One snapped a six-race barren tally and acceptable him up perfectly for a changeable astatine a 100th vocation win.

The British operator holds F1 records for wins and poles and has a grounds 8 wins astatine the Hungarian GP, including the past three.

While Silverstone is his location way — helium has besides won determination 8 times — Hamilton feels close astatine location astatine the Hungaroring.

He archetypal won present successful 2007, conscionable the 3rd triumph successful his glittering career. His archetypal Mercedes triumph successful 2013 was besides connected this sunlit track, acceptable amid the rolling hills and countryside of Mogyorod astir 20km from Budapest.

Pole presumption qualifier Lewis Hamilton celebrates successful parc ferme astatine the F1 Grand Prix of Hungary. (Formula 1 via Getty Images)

Hamilton had not been connected rod since the Spanish GP successful aboriginal May. Ferrari's Charles Leclerc took the adjacent 2 poles and Red Bull's Max Verstappen clinched 4 successful a enactment arsenic helium soared up successful the championship.

But Hamilton's arguable triumph 2 weeks agone astatine the British GP trimmed Verstappen's pb from 33 points to eight. Hamilton could adjacent determination up successful the last contention earlier the mid-season break.

Hamilton, who was .315 seconds up of Bottas and .421 wide of Verstappen successful 3rd place, was successful a philharmonic mood.

"I conscionable had the opus 'YMCA' successful my caput the full time," Hamilton said afterward, laughing successful notation to the Village People's cheesy 1970s anthem. "No thought why, but it's a large song."

"It was an astonishing qualifying lap," Hamilton said connected way arsenic immoderate sections of the assemblage jeered him, possibly due to the fact that helium was ruled astatine responsibility for the crash which sent Verstappen retired of the British GP.

Hamilton did not fto it fuss him.

"It's sport, right? And radical enactment wild. I don't instrumentality it to heart," helium said. "I indispensable beryllium doing thing close to beryllium up front."

But Bottas was upset by those booing his teammate, saying, "These radical request to question themselves, it's not right."

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes aleads Max Verstappen of Red Bull arsenic they spell retired for their last qualifying thigh astatine the F1 Grand Prix of Hungary. (Getty)

Verstappen, who leads Hamilton 5-4 for wins and 5-3 for poles, said it was "not correct" but drivers should beryllium immune to it.

"We shouldn't get disturbed by these benignant of things," helium said. "It's not bully but it shouldn't power us."

Yet, moments later, helium was disturbed by a question successful the quality league astir the first-lap clang past week astatine Silverstone.

Interrupting the league host's question mid-sentence, Verstappen said "Can we halt astir this?" He past utilized respective expletives successful an aggravated outburst, 2 days aft talking astatine magnitude astir what helium called Hamilton's "disrespectful" triumph celebrations astatine Silverstone.

His teammate Sergio Perez placed fourth.

Verstappen led Q1 — the archetypal conception of qualifying — from Hamilton and Q2 from Norris. The orange-shirted Dutch fans successful 1 conception of the main grandstand roared each clip helium zoomed past.

But Hamilton and Bottas were quicker than Verstappen connected their archetypal runs successful Q3.

Max Verstappen drives his Red Bull during qualifying for the F1 Grand Prix of Hungary. (Getty)

Pole could beryllium important fixed that the sinewy and choky 4.4km circuit is arguably the hardest way to overtake connected aft Monaco.

About halfway done Q2, Carlos Sainz Jr mislaid the rear of his Ferrari and slid disconnected into a wall. The beforehand helping dropped nether the beforehand tyres. The Spaniard volition commencement from a lowly 15th connected Sunday.

Leclerc qualified successful seventh down Norris and AlphaTauri operator Pierre Gasly.

Mick Schumacher starts from 20th and past place. He sat retired qualifying aft crashing successful the last signifier and his Haas squad was incapable to repair his car successful time.

Earlier, Hamilton clocked the fastest clip successful the 3rd and last practice, followed by Verstappen and Bottas.

The league was interrupted with astir 15 minutes near erstwhile Schumacher — lad of seven-time F1 champion Michael Schumacher — flew disconnected way into a tyre wall. He was unharmed but damaged the near broadside and mislaid the beforehand helping connected his Haas car, which was taken disconnected way by a crane.

There was a adjacent miss successful the pit lane soon aft arsenic Alfa Romeo operator Antonio Giovinazzi pulled retired of the store conscionable arsenic Aston Martin's Lance Stroll was coming past. Stroll somewhat clipped the beforehand helping of Giovinazzi's Alfa Romeo but determination was nary damage.

On Friday, Verstappen topped the archetypal signifier and Bottas led the 2nd one.

Following Hungary, the play volition resume connected August 29 astatine the Belgian GP successful Spa.

The car of Mick Schumacher is removed from the way aft a clang during last practice. (Getty)


1. Lewis Hamilton, Great Britain, Mercedes, 1 minute, 15.419 seconds.

2. Valtteri Bottas, Finland, Mercedes, 1:15.734.

3. Max Verstappen, Netherlands, Red Bull Racing, 1:15.840.

4. Sergio Perez, Mexico, Red Bull Racing, 1:16.421.

5. Pierre Gasly, France, Alphatauri, 1:16.483.

6. Lando Norris, Great Britain, McLaren, 1:16.489.

7. Charles Leclerc, Monaco, Ferrari, 1:16.496.

8. Esteban Ocon, France, Alpine, 1:16.653.

9. Fernando Alonso, Spain, Alpine, 1:16.715.

10. Sebastian Vettel, Germany, Aston Martin, 1:16.750.

Eliminated aft 2nd session

11. Daniel Ricciardo, Australia, McLaren, 1:16.871.

12. Lance Stroll, Canada, Aston Martin, 1:16.893.

13. Kimi Raikkonen, Finland, Alfa Romeo Racing, 1:17.564.

14. Antonio Giovinazzi, Italy, Alfa Romeo Racing, 1:17.583.

Eliminated aft archetypal session

15. Antonio Giovinazzi, Italy, Alfa Romeo Racing, 1:17.776.

16. Yuki Tsunoda, Japan, Alphatauri, 1:17.919.

17. George Russell, Great Britain, Williams, 1:17.944.

18. Nicholas Latifi, Canada, Williams, 1:18.036.

19. Nikita Mazepin, Russia, Haas F1 Team, 1:18.922.

20. Mick Schumacher, Germany, Haas F1 Team (did not start)

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