Riley Hospital for Children sees increase of kids to ER with COVID-19

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Riley Hospital for Children is seeing an summation successful kids with coronavirus successful their exigency room.

The summation coincides with the surge of the delta variant of COVID-19.

More than 80-90% of COVID-19 infections successful Indiana are present caused by the delta variant, according to Dr. John Christenson, prof of objective pediatrics astatine the Ryan White Center for Pediatric Infectious Disease and planetary wellness and aesculapian manager of corruption prevention astatine Riley Hospital for Children. 

Kids are not immune to COVID-19, and those nether 12 are not yet eligible for the vaccine.

Christenson told News 8 that Riley is seeing much kids successful its exigency room.

“In the past fewer days, the fig of cases that person shown up successful the ER has picked up significantly, compared to January,” Christenson said.

He said the bully quality is that the bulk don’t get admitted to the infirmary but conscionable get seen successful the ER and get sent home.

“The bulk are unvaccinated children nether 12 years of property though we spot the occasional older kid that inactive hasn’t been vaccinated. But the bulk are younger ones, truthful inactive successful that radical that person not been vaccinated.”

“Yeah, that’s scary,” genitor Alyssa Hay told News 8.

A parent of 2 young children, Hay says she is good alert of the delta variant of the coronavirus.

“I’m concerned, yea we benignant of support to ourselves. Or conscionable travel to the playground, and we, like, cognize the kids that are here,” Hay said.

She and her hubby are vaccinated, and they bash each they tin to support their kids safe.

“My girl wears a disguise whenever we spell to indoor places. She’s beauteous bully astir it,” Hay said.

But not each kid is bully astir it. Christenson talked astir the reasons down the surge successful cases successful kids.

“It’s multifactorial,” Christenson said. “One, you person successful children an unvaccinated community. Even those implicit 12, the bulk of them are inactive not vaccinated. But nether 12, they are wholly unvaccinated, truthful they beryllium connected being protected by the radical that situation them, by utilizing masks and maintaining societal distancing. We cognize that a batch of radical person relaxed that. They’re not utilizing masks, they’re socializing more. They’re going to ample gatherings.”

Christenson said determination are things parents tin bash close present to support their children if they are not aged capable to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

“We cognize determination are immoderate things that bash enactment to forestall infection: disguise use, keeping societal distancing, avoiding ample crowds. Especially ample crowds of radical you don’t cognize who they are. Their parents and different household members being vaccinated volition forestall bringing the microorganism location and infecting the children.”

Other parents accidental they’re not excessively concerned.

“I deliberation if you conscionable support cleanable and support sanitary, things volition conscionable enactment retired naturally,” said Chester Thomas, an Indianapolis parent.

Christenson besides urges radical with children 12 and older to get them vaccinated. He said anybody who tin get the vaccine should beryllium vaccinated.

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