Ron DeSantis (Overseeing COVID Ravaged Florida) to Joe Biden: I Won’t Let You Strip Away the Rights of Parents (to Spread COVID)

2 months ago 21
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Joe Biden came into the White House connected a ngo to get the COVID-19 pandemic nether control. And for the astir part, helium has done that. Over 70% of Americans person already taken astatine slightest their archetypal shot.

But things are a small tougher wherever GOP governors are successful charge. During a caller presser, Biden called retired Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott for their mediocre performances successful Florida and Texas.

The president said of the 2 men, “If you’re not going to help, astatine slightest get retired of the mode of radical trying to bash the close thing.”

DeSantis shot back today, “Let maine archer you this: if you’re coming aft the rights of parents successful Florida, I’m lasting successful your way, I’m not gonna fto you get distant with it. If you’re trying to contradict kids a due in-person education, I’m gonna basal successful your way…If you’re trying to fastener radical down, I’m lasting successful your way, and I’m lasting for the radical of Florida. Why don’t you get this borderline secure? Until you bash that, I don’t privation to perceive a blip astir Covid from you.”

As per accustomed with Republican officials, DeSantis is engaging successful the classical method of whataboutism. Anyone coming implicit the borderline has perfectly thing to bash with Florida’s terrible COVID crisis.

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