School board to pay $1.3M in legal fees to ACLU in trans student case

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(CNN) — The schoolhouse committee successful Gloucester County, Virginia, has agreed to wage the American Civil Liberties Union $1.3 cardinal successful ineligible fees for representing Gavin Grimm during a ineligible conflict implicit transgender bath rights astatine school, the ACLU said successful a quality release.

The six-year suit was the effect of a “discriminatory restroom argumentation for transgender students” that “violates Title IX and the Constitution,” the merchandise said.

“Gavin simply wanted the aforesaid rights, dignity and respect arsenic his classmates, yet the schoolhouse committee fought against him each measurement of the way,” Eden Heilman, ineligible manager of the Virginia ACLU, told CNN.

“This should service arsenic a informing to different schools successful Virginia and crossed the nation: There is simply a precocious outgo for favoritism against transgender students. There’s a outgo to the information and well-being of our kids, and there’s a outgo to taxpayers erstwhile schoolhouse boards interruption the law.”

The schoolhouse committee issued this statement on Thursday: “The security supplier for the Gloucester County School Board has addressed the Plaintiff’s petition for lawyer fees and costs resulting from the Grimm v. Gloucester County School Board litigation. The School Board has nary further remark connected this matter.”

US Supreme Court ruled successful June

Grimm filed suit against the schoolhouse committee successful 2015, erstwhile helium was a precocious schoolhouse sophomore, arguing that the school’s argumentation violated Title IX and the Equal Protection Clause.

Grimm, a transgender male, said the schoolhouse strategy denied him entree to the boys bathroom.

In August 2020, a national appeals tribunal ruled successful Grimm’s favor. Last June, the U.S. Supreme Court left successful spot the little court’s determination that allowed Grimm to usage the bath that corresponded to his sex identity.

The determination was a triumph for the LGBTQ assemblage that has been fearful the precocious tribunal would instrumentality up the lawsuit and reverse a little tribunal opinion.

Grimm says helium won’t get immoderate of the money

Grimm, present 22, told CNN that the wealth is exclusively for the ACLU’s ineligible fees.

“I was ne'er going to person this money, nor did I springiness it to them: It was lone ever going to them,” helium said.

“Financial difficulties tin beryllium the largest deterrent,” helium continued. “It sends the connection that transphobia is not OK and is an costly thing.”

Grimm says the ineligible fees’ solution marks the extremity of the lawsuit.

He said “business arsenic mean is next. Back to the aforesaid old, aforesaid old.”

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