Sharks’ Kane denies game-fixing allegations from wife

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(AP) — San Jose Sharks guardant Evander Kane denied allegations his woman made connected societal media that helium stake connected NHL games, including against his ain team.

Kane responded Sunday greeting to allegations made the erstwhile time from the Instagram relationship of his wife, Anna.

“I person NEVER gambled/bet connected Hockey, NEVER gambled/bet connected a Sharks game, NEVER gambled/bet connected immoderate of my games and NEVER thrown a hockey game,” he wrote connected Twitter. “The facts are I personally had my champion play of the my vocation past twelvemonth and was the astir accordant I’ve been passim immoderate season, I’m arrogant of that. I emotion the crippled of Hockey and would ne'er bash immoderate of what was alleged. I look guardant to cooperating afloat with the league’s investigation, having my sanction cleared and looking guardant to this upcoming season.”

The NHL said Saturday nighttime that it was made alert of the societal media posts from Anna Kane and plans to behaviour a afloat investigation.

Anna Kane wrote: “How does the NHL fto a compulsive gambling addict inactive play erstwhile he’s evidently throwing games to triumph money? Hmm possibly idiosyncratic needs to code this.”

She added: “Can idiosyncratic inquire (Commissioner) Gary Bettman however they fto a subordinate gamble connected his ain games? Bet and triumph with bookies connected his ain games?”

In a abstracted post, Anna Kane accused her hubby of spending lavishly partying successful Europe portion asking her to merchantability her wedding ringing to past and wrote astir not being capable to spend babe look for their child.

Evander Kane said the 2 are successful the process of getting a divorcement and called Anna Kane “mentally unwell.”

“I emotion my daughter,” helium wrote. “I volition and ever person taken attraction of my girl successful each mode possible. I person ever made definite her parent has had everything she’s needed and more. I person tried to de-escalate our divorcement issues and beryllium arsenic civilian and calm arsenic anyone successful this presumption could. I person tried to acceptable up FaceTime calls but not each time arsenic I would similar to due to the fact that of being restricted by her mom. She has refused maine to spot her and had unluckily tried to usage my girl arsenic leverage. I volition proceed to ever instrumentality attraction of my family, that goes without question.”

Anna Kane aboriginal responded connected Instagram that she offered to springiness Kane clip to spot his girl unsocial but said Kane declined.

The NHL said: “The integrity of our crippled is paramount and the League takes these allegations precise seriously.”

A squad spokesperson wrote successful an email to The Associated Press that: “The San Jose Sharks person been successful interaction contiguous with the National Hockey League astir the superior allegations made against Evander Kane. We enactment a afloat and transparent probe into the concern to support the integrity of the crippled and consistency with our squad values.”

Kane’s gambling past and finances person been nationalist cognition for immoderate time. A Las Vegas Strip casino sued Kane successful 2019, alleging helium failed to repay a $500,000 gambling indebtedness racked up during a playoff bid against the Golden Knights.

Since the Supreme Court paved the mode for legalized sports gambling successful the U.S. and much states person adopted it, the NHL has embraced the possibilities and made respective partnerships with sportsbooks and different betting organizations.

Reached by email earlier the league’s announcement, Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said lone a connection would beryllium coming. The league said it would not marque immoderate further comments astatine this time.

Kane, 29, is 3 seasons into a $49 million, seven-year contract. He’s with his 3rd enactment aft being drafted by and debuting with Atlanta/Winnipeg and a stint successful Buffalo. According to Capfriendly, which charts hockey salaries, helium has made conscionable nether $56 cardinal during his NHL career.

Last season, helium had 22 goals and 27 assists successful 56 games.

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