Some delays reported at Indianapolis International Airport Sunday

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Winter upwind and a surge of the COVID-19 omicron variant led to thousands of formation cancellations and delays astir the state implicit the vacation weekend.

“We went retired and got a clump of trial kits, we person N-95 masks that we volition deterioration connected the formation and we tested ourselves yesterday,” said Fred Bonfils.

Bonfils was expected to alert from Indianapolis to Seattle Sunday connected Alaska Airlines, but his formation ended up getting cancelled.

Earlier this week, United, Delta and Jet Blue canceled hundreds of flights astir the state due to the fact that galore of those airlines’ employees called retired sick owed to COVID-19.

Four of those cancellations trickled down to Indianapolis connected Sunday.

“So acold everything has been fine. We person everything checked in, we’re conscionable waiting to spell down to the gross to spell done security.” said Steve Costerison, who was owed to alert to Ft. Lauderdale Sunday night.

He had nary concerns astir the omicron variant.

“I’m going to dice of thing someday anyhow. It doesn’t fuss maine — I don’t get excited astir it,” helium said.

The Indianapolis Airport Authority says question is adjacent to wherever it was earlier the COVID-19 pandemic.

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