Striking absence in NRL's Queensland bubble

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There's been a striking lack of complaints from NRL clubs amid the competition's ongoing conflict to continue, NSW manager Brad Fittler says.

Squabbling has agelong been a staple of rugby league clubland but Fittler has lauded the NRL's 16 teams for getting connected with the occupation successful Queensland.

After relocating north, the clubs person had to negociate strict biosecurity measures, household issues and rescheduled matches owed to Queensland's heightened lockdown. They person done truthful stoically and Fittler reckons that's due to the fact that they yet person religion successful NRL management, headed by Peter V'landys and Andrew Abdo.

"The clubs are doing a superb occupation astatine the moment. And they're doing a superb occupation and not complaining," Fittler said connected Wide World of Sports' Final Whistle.

"Five years ago, I could ideate the complaining going on. But erstwhile you've got religion successful the radical moving our game, you conscionable get on and bash what you've got to do.

"I deliberation the clubs are doing precise well."

Ryan Papenhuyzen of the Storm. (NRL Photos via Getty Images)

The NRL volition resume connected Monday night, owed to the weekend's reshuffle. Saturday games moved to Sunday and Sunday games to Monday, meaning that Bulldogs vs Titans and Sharks vs Sea Eagles are inactive to beryllium played.

Melbourne Storm enactment down a connection triumph connected Sunday, beating chap heavyweight Penrith 37-10; though the Panthers were inactive without apical halfback Nathan Cleary.

Off the field, the NRL has walked a good enactment connected perchance being kicked retired of Queensland. High-profile players James Roberts and Apisai Koroisau were outed for biosecurity breaches.

Abdo said that helium hoped determination would beryllium nary further problems.

"We've evidently been communicating these changes done to the clubs and the players," Abdo told TODAY connected Monday.

"I deliberation everyone understands what's astatine involvement and everyone is going to bash the close thing. Yes, we person seen breaches but they are isolated cases among a immense radical of radical doing the close thing."

Abdo is hoping for assemblage restrictions to easiness for games this week. He has antecedently said that the expansive last whitethorn beryllium played successful Brisbane alternatively than Sydney and Melbourne is present being looked at; the MCG, if Suncorp Stadium can't big a large assemblage for the play decider.

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