Tears for Hockeyroos after heartbreaking loss

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Hockeyroos prima Edwina Bone has battled done tears trying to travel to presumption with Australia's heart-wrenching upset nonaccomplishment to India astatine the Tokyo Olympics.

Rated a beardown accidental to marque the last and vie for golden medals, the Hockeyroos were stunned 1-0 by a gallant India, who arsenic the satellite No.9-ranked squad "played the crippled of their lives" to triumph the quarter-final.


Amy Rose Lawton and Mariah Williams conscionable aft the fulltime whistle. (Getty)

An ain extremity from a deflection disconnected the instrumentality of Karri Somerville - aft a changeable from a punishment country from India's Gurjit Kaur - midway done the 2nd 4th was yet the difference.

Heading into the knockout stages, satellite No.2 Australia hadn't mislaid a azygous game and had lone conceded 1 extremity - to Spain - successful 5 preliminary games portion racking up 13 of their own.

It was understandable, then, that the squad was shattered pursuing the defeat.

"I'm conscionable truly arrogant of them," said Bone successful an interrogation soon aft the fulltime whistle.

The defender past had to measurement distant to constitute herself with a fewer heavy breaths.

The deflated Hockeyroos aft losing to India. (Getty)

"It's conscionable specified a shame to extremity it this way.

"We've worked truly hard. We've travel unneurotic arsenic a truly agreed radical nether a truly inspirational person - (coach) Trinny (Powell) has shown america the mode due to the fact that she's done it before. It's conscionable a shame that it's over."

While possession was reasonably adjacent with Australia owning 51 per cent of the ball, the Hockeyroos had a large vantage successful punishment corners - 9 to India's 1 - and besides shots connected extremity 14 to five.

India lone scraped into the quarter-finals aft winning 2 of their 5 excavation matches.

"Totally gutted," Hockeyroos manager Katrina Powell said.

"India are evidently a precise bully team; precise skilful and precise accelerated and acceptable for it today. I felt similar we were acceptable to go, acceptable to play, it conscionable wasn't our day."

Former Hockeyroos Georgia Parker and Anna Flanagan were feeling for the Aussies.

"I had to halt talking (in commentary) owed to the tears welling up successful my eyes… Huge recognition to India today. They turned up, played the crippled of their life, and this is going to beryllium immense for our sport. Sport's highs and high, and thing compares, but these lows - they hurt," Parker besides tweeted.

Powell had galvanised the squad aft a turbulent clip implicit the past fewer years.

Earlier this twelvemonth pursuing an autarkic review, the Hockeyroos' civilization was labelled "dysfunctional" which led to the resignation of manager Paul Gaudoin.

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