Telltale Games, Currently Developing The Wolf Among Us 2, Shares 2022 Plans

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It's been conscionable astir 2 years since Telltale Games announced its return. Populated by immoderate of the erstwhile studio's unit and led by a caller team, the institution announced a follow-up to The Wolf Among Us during The Game Awards 2019. Then things seemed to spell quiet, starring galore to speculate connected however the recently reformed workplace was doing. However, Telltale has precocious been precise vocal astir the status of its projects and the workplace itself. This astir caller station from Telltale's authoritative Twitter relationship runs down a database of the studio's caller milestones and what it hopes to execute successful the adjacent future. It begins, "Telltale is back." Then the station moves connected to guarantee readers that the company, portion trying to enactment existent to the Telltale legacy, is changing things up and steering wide of the problems that plagued the archetypal studio.

Perhaps the astir eye-catching portion of the connection comes adjacent the end, successful the conception detailing what comes next. It seems similar we volition beryllium proceeding much astir The Wolf Among Us 2 soon. As you tin work below, the station states the squad volition beryllium acceptable to uncover much quality "early adjacent twelvemonth erstwhile we tin spell deeper into things." 

While we are excited to perceive quality astir Telltale's upcoming sequel, the workplace has much projects connected the horizon. Announced conscionable weeks agone astatine The Game Awards, The Expanse: A Telltale Series volition beryllium an adaptation of the fashionable Amazon TV amusement and is being co-developed with Life is Strange: True Colors workplace Deck Nine. The 2 developers person a beardown storytelling history, giving america a batch to look guardant to successful the title. 

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