Terminal operator sees growth in wind energy

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PORTAGE, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) — As the upwind vigor manufacture continues to turn successful the Midwest, a terminal relation astatine the Ports of Indiana-Burns Harbor is seeing an summation successful the fig of monolithic upwind turbine blades astatine its Lake Michigan dock. Most of the blades scope from 110-125 feet successful magnitude and measurement anyplace from 11,000 to 25,000 pounds each. Montreal-based Federal Marine Terminal Inc. is 1 of 2 stevedores serving the port, a declaration institution that loads and unloads ships for different customers.

In an interrogation with Inside INdiana Business, FMT Vice President of Operations Chris Dugas called the cargo “pretty cool,” but the fiberglass blades are fragile.

“They’re not arsenic astir arsenic resilient. It’s a large deal. They’re precise costly pieces of cargo,” said Dugas. “Just the axenic size of handling them and however overmuch abstraction they instrumentality up connected a vessel makes it a challenge.”

According to FMT, the institution has handled 219 blades connected 9 ships. Another 3 much ships with blades are expected this year.  “We’ve besides received 3 different ships with different erstwhile upwind components,” said FMT Terminal Manager Justin West.

FMT leases 25 acres of outdoors retention from the Ports of Indiana, overmuch of it is utilized for the upwind blades. They beryllium successful a staging area, waiting for specialized trucks and escorted convoys to determination the blades to upwind farms nether improvement passim the Midwest.

“The trucks to get them retired of the port, it’s a beauteous awesome cognition and a batch of partners spell into making it a success,” said Dugas.

FMT says upwind turbine shipments relationship for astir 8 percent of its business, vastly overshadowed by its steel-related cargoes which relationship for 80% of its business.

“We benignant of unrecorded and dice by alloy here. Like this year, alloy prices are high, there’s a batch of demand, but proviso is not there. It’s very, precise cardinal portion of cargo,” said Dugas, who adds that much than 50% of the cargo FMT onloads remains successful the Burns Harbor installation for different tenants.

“That’s precise rare. Most facilities export, import, hits the ground, and it’s going determination else,” said Dugas. “I deliberation conscionable the sheer measurement of cargo that comes successful here, the premix of cargo, if you look around, it’s an awesome number.”

Another awesome fig is full tonnage. Through July, FMT has handled 381,033 metric tons of cargo. That fig astir matches the 381,735 MT for each of 2020. Most of the cargo is steel, oregon steel-related products.

The larboard has astir 30 businesses successful the 600-acre tract and astir fractional are progressive successful the steelmaking and processing industries.

Ryan McCoy, who is manager of the Ports of Indiana-Burns Harbor facility, says arsenic invaluable arsenic the northwest Indiana alloy manufacture is for larboard operations, helium says it is besides important to service a wide spectrum of industries.

“We spot the ups and downs of the alloy manufacture has had successful the past 30, 40, 50, 60 years. If we’re solely focused connected alloy we neglect arsenic a port, we request to beryllium diversified,” said McCoy. “We request to pull different tenants, different customers extracurricular of steel.”

McCoy says that is wherefore terminal operators, similar FMT, and task cargo, similar turbine blades, are indispensable to the occurrence of the port.

“That’s wherefore this task cargo is truthful important. That’s wherefore the bulk cargo is truthful important. That’s wherefore maintaining specified a footprint successful agriculture is truthful important for america to,” said McCoy. “If we tin bash each of those well, we win. That’s erstwhile we go the champion port.”

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