The 72-hour worry between Bol and 800m gold

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Ralph Doubell says helium would "love to see" Peter Bol triumph the men's 800m last time night, making him Australia's archetypal antheral Olympic idiosyncratic golden medallist connected the way since his ain sensation of glory successful 1968.

But the champion of the men's 800m last astatine the 1968 Mexico City Olympics fears that Bol could beryllium facing a colossal intelligence conflict during the lead-up to the race.

That's due to the fact that there's astir a 72-hour spread betwixt the semi-finals and the last for Bol to navigate, Doubell says.


The men's 800m programme of the 1968 Olympics saw the heats, semi-finals and last held crossed 3 days successful succession, meaning determination weren't lengthy periods of clip betwixt each tally for Doubell to beryllium haunted by pre-race demons.

The Victorian thrived successful those 3 days, not lone winning golden but equalling the satellite grounds of the clip and mounting a caller Australian benchmark, which would basal for 49 years.

Peter Bol celebrates winning his 800m semi-final vigor astatine the Tokyo Olympics. (Getty)

Doubell worries that the drawn-out lead-in to the Tokyo last could beryllium straining Bol mentally.

"I deliberation the situation is to grip the intelligence pressure," Doubell told Wide World of Sports.

"We did it a spot antithetic successful the aged days; we had a heat, semi-final and last connected 3 consecutive days, whereas Bol has 2 days disconnected and he's going to get a batch of unit from property saying, 'What if? What if? What if?' He'll get unit from his coach. 'What if? What if?'

"The contented Bol is facing is that he's got a 72-hour hold earlier the last and successful that clip the intelligence pressures are apt to physique up."

Peter Bol charging to triumph successful his 800m semi-final vigor successful Tokyo. (Getty)

Doubell pointed retired the interaction connected intelligence wellness successful elite tennis and gymnastics successful caller times.

Naomi Osaka of Japan withdrew from Roland-Garros aft her opening-round match, and she past opted against competing successful Wimbledon, citing the toll of top-level contention connected her intelligence state.

America's Simone Biles has taken a akin way during the Tokyo Games, removing herself from 2 gymnastics events to code her intelligence struggles.

"I deliberation becoming notable is dangerous," Doubell said.

"You've got 9 radical successful the last of the 800m and they each person a akin carnal capableness to win. It's the idiosyncratic who's got the toughest intelligence attack that volition astir apt beryllium the winner.

"And Bol is going to person caller stresses ... So it's a situation for him, but I'd emotion him to spell retired and win."

Ralph Doubell winning golden successful the men's 800m last astatine the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. (Getty)

Doubell has pinpointed Kenya's Ferguson Rotich and Botswana's Nijel Amos arsenic Bol's top threats.

While Deng bettered his ain Australian 800m grounds successful a clip of 1:44.11 successful his semi-final heat, Rotich lays assertion to a idiosyncratic champion of 1:42.54 and Amos 1:41.73.

Doubell offered the Australian underdog immoderate pre-final advice.

"Keep calm, don't perceive to the press, debar the property arsenic overmuch arsenic imaginable ... and deliberation astir however he's going to win," Doubell said.

"Who's the superior competition? I would accidental it's Rotich and Amos; marque definite you're watching wherever they are.

"But the full field, I think, is very, precise even, and astir Olympic finals are beauteous even.

"You've conscionable got to beryllium pugnacious capable to say, 'I'm going to spell retired and triumph this'."

Peter Bol storms into the men's 800m last astatine the Tokyo Games. (Getty)

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