Theodore McCarrick, Former Archbishop of Washington, Charged With Sexual Assault

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Theodore McCarrick, 91, is the highest-ranking U.S. authoritative successful the Roman Catholic Church to beryllium charged with intersexual abuse. He is accused of assaulting a 16-year-old lad successful 1974.

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick aft  a Mass for Pope John Paul II successful  2005. Mr. McCarrick was aboriginal    defrocked for intersexual  abuse.
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July 29, 2021Updated 11:32 p.m. ET

The wedding reception took spot connected a June play successful 1974. But it was this week that Theodore E. McCarrick, the erstwhile Roman Catholic cardinal expelled by Pope Francis, was criminally charged with repeatedly sexually assaulting a teenage lad astatine the event.

The complaint, issued connected Wednesday, makes Mr. McCarrick the highest-ranking Catholic authoritative successful the United States to look charges successful the intersexual maltreatment situation that has plagued the religion for decades.

Mr. McCarrick, 91, the erstwhile archbishop of Washington, was expelled from the religion successful 2019 aft a Vatican proceedings recovered him blameworthy of sexually abusing minors and big seminarians implicit decades. But to the vexation of galore prosecutors, helium avoided punishment clip and clip again due to the fact that statutes of limitations made cases hard to pursue, and victims person lamented that helium has mostly escaped ineligible accountability.

Attorneys wide successful astir 20 states, from Nebraska to Illinois to New Jersey, opened investigations into intersexual maltreatment successful the Roman Catholic Church pursuing an explosive Pennsylvania expansive assemblage report successful 2018. But the wide subpoenas and investigations produced lone a fistful of transgression charges. Some authorities officials attempted innovative suit strategies that yet did not work.

This week’s transgression charges against Mr. McCarrick, filed successful Dedham District Court successful Massachusetts, correspond a caller infinitesimal successful victims’ efforts to clasp religion officials accountable. The charges could proceed due to the fact that of a diagnostic of Massachusetts law: Because Mr. McCarrick was not a nonmigratory of Massachusetts, the timepiece connected the statute of limitations determination stopped erstwhile helium was not successful the state.

Mr. McCarrick, who present lives successful Missouri, was charged with 3 counts of indecent battle and artillery connected a idiosyncratic property 14 oregon over, and is expected to look for arraignment connected Sept. 3. Each complaint carries a punishment of up to 5 years successful situation and the request to registry arsenic a enactment offender.

The ailment says that the alleged assaults occurred erstwhile the lad was 16. Now successful his 60s, the man, whose sanction is redacted successful the complaint, told investigators successful January helium had been assaulted repeatedly by Mr. McCarrick, a household friend, opening erstwhile helium was a young boy. He said the maltreatment took spot not lone successful Massachusetts, but besides successful New York, New Jersey and California, and continued into adulthood.

The antheral said that astatine his brother’s wedding reception astatine Wellesley College connected June 8, 1974, Mr. McCarrick asked to instrumentality a locomotion with him extracurricular to sermon his “mischievous behavior.” When helium stopped to urinate, helium said, Mr. McCarrick sexually assaulted him. Later, erstwhile they returned to the gathering wherever the reception was being held, Mr. McCarrick assaulted him — portion praying — wrong a coatroom, helium said. Afterward, helium said, Mr. McCarrick told him “to accidental 3 ‘our fathers’ and a Hail Mary” truthful helium would beryllium redeemed of his sins.

Later that day, the antheral said, his begetter told him that helium should perceive to Mr. McCarrick and bash what helium told him.

“So possibly this was what it was expected to be,” the antheral told investigators. “Maybe this was expected to happen. I don’t know. I was inactive a naïve young man.”

Mitchell Garabedian, a lawyer for the antheral successful civilian matters, said it took tremendous courageousness for him to travel forward. “Let the facts beryllium presented, the instrumentality applied, and a just verdict rendered,” helium said.

Mr. McCarrick’s lawyer, Barry Coburn, said successful a statement, “We look guardant to addressing this lawsuit successful the courtroom.”

The charges were reported earlier by The Boston Globe.

Jeff Anderson, a lawyer who represents 5 radical who said Mr. McCarrick abused them, said that quality of the transgression charges brought a substance of alleviation and choler among victims, and that helium hoped for a speedy trial.

“The choler the survivors consciousness is truthful palpable,” helium said. “The much they person known and the much that is unearthed, the worse it gets.”

Hours aft the quality of the transgression ailment connected Thursday, a lawsuit of Mr. Anderson’s filed a civilian suit against Mr. McCarrick and the Archdiocese of Newark, wherever Mr. McCarrick served arsenic archbishop from 1986 to 2000. The suit alleges that Mr. McCarrick “inflicted unpermitted harmful and violative intersexual contact” connected the plaintiff successful the mid-1980s, erstwhile helium was astir 12 years old.

Mr. Coburn said helium had nary remark connected the suit.

Mr. McCarrick has been the taxable of respective caller civilian suits successful New York and New Jersey, filed by men accusing him of abusing them erstwhile they were minors.

Mr. McCarrick was removed from ministry successful 2018 aft an probe by the religion recovered credible allegations that helium sexually abused a 16-year-old altar lad successful St. Patrick’s Cathedral successful Manhattan successful 1971.

After a Vatican trial, Mr. McCarrick was expelled from the priesthood successful 2019, marking the archetypal clip a cardinal, the church’s highest-ranking presumption aft the pope, was defrocked for intersexual abuse. It was besides the archetypal clip an American cardinal was removed from the priesthood.

A Vatican study connected Mr. McCarrick, released successful November, stated that Pope John Paul II, who is present a saint, personally decided to elevate Mr. McCarrick adjacent aft a U.S. cardinal warned that helium had been accused of intersexual misconduct. Pope Benedict XVI removed Mr. McCarrick arsenic archbishop of Washington but did not analyse him, the study said, and Pope Francis initially assumed his predecessors had appropriately addressed the issue.

Mr. McCarrick’s past of predation was well-known among immoderate religion officials, who had been warned for decades that helium had been accused of intersexual harassment, including the inappropriate touching of big seminarians, according to a New York Times investigation.

Multiple reports astir the cardinal’s misconduct toward seminary students were made to American bishops, the papal ambassador to the United States, and Pope Benedict XVI betwixt 1994 and 2008. Two dioceses successful New Jersey secretly paid settlements, successful 2005 and 2007, to 2 men who had accused Mr. McCarrick of abuse.

Despite these allegations, Mr. McCarrick climbed the ranks of the Catholic Church successful the United States, becoming auxiliary bishop of New York successful 1977, bishop of the recently created Diocese of Metuchen successful New Jersey successful 1981, archbishop of Newark successful 1986, and yet archbishop of Washington successful 2001.

Maria Margiotta, a spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Newark, said it would beryllium “inappropriate” for the archdiocese to remark connected the transgression charges against Mr. McCarrick due to the fact that helium is “a now-private idiosyncratic who is nary longer affiliated with the archdiocese.” Ms. Margiotta said she had not seen the suit filed against Mr. McCarrick and the archdiocese and had nary remark astir it.

The Archdiocese of New York declined to remark and the Diocese of Metuchen and the Archdiocese of Washington did not respond to requests for comment.

The Norfolk territory attorney, Michael W. Morrissey, who is representing the authorities successful the Massachusetts case, declined to remark earlier the arraignment, said his spokesman, David Traub.

In the fewer instances erstwhile Mr. McCarrick has commented connected the accusations against him, helium has denied wrongdoing.

That has not deterred accusers and prosecutors from pressing forward.

Alain Delaquérière contributed research.

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