This Xbox Series X Halo Infinite-Inspired Wireless Controller Looks Like A Needler And We Need-ler It

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Bad puns aside, the latest controller instauration from Pope Art looks similar the cleanable drawback for immoderate Halo fan. This Xbox Series X wireless controller is designed with the beloved limb successful caput and dons a acquainted purple taxable with a grey backdrop, translucent bluish buttons, and the telltale pink-hued needles themselves. 

The Halo Needler controller comes by the 1 and lone Pope Art. Pope began his originative travel by crafting expertly designed controllers and console skins modeled aft immoderate of our favourite games. It didn't instrumentality agelong earlier his endowment caught the oculus of galore successful the games industry, starring to immoderate awesome collaborations with immoderate of the biggest names successful the business. That includes the exclusive Claptrap-themed Borderlands 3-inspired Xbox Series X console design that the creator collaborated with Gearbox on. But we're not present to speech astir Borderlands; let's dive into that Halo Needler love: 

While not each plan makes it to the storefront, this Halo controller is disposable to purchase! For those interested, this custom-designed "Pins and Needles" Xbox Series X controller is available to bargain present for $149.99. This peculiar Needler tribute is expected to vessel aboriginal this month. 

Want adjacent much Halo goodness? Check retired our dedicated Halo Infinite hub here to larn much astir the latest escapade starring Master Chief. You tin besides larn much astir homicidal robots that similar to teabag and however the caller formation trial rekindled our emotion for the franchise, truthful that's fun! 

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