US fears ‘very specific threat stream’ from ISIS-K against crowds at Kabul airport

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(CNN) — Concerns astir information astir Hamid Karzai International Airport successful Kabul person accrued based connected “a precise circumstantial menace stream” from ISIS-K about planned attacks against crowds extracurricular the airport, a U.S. defence authoritative has told CNN.

The United States believes ISIS-K, which is simply a sworn force of the Taliban, wants to make mayhem astatine the airdrome and has quality streams suggesting it is susceptible and readying to transportation retired aggregate attacks, according to the official.

The U.S. Embassy successful Kabul advised Americans astatine a fig of gates astatine the airdrome to “leave immediately,” noting “security threats extracurricular the gates.”

“Because of information threats extracurricular the gates of Kabul airport, we are advising U.S. citizens to debar traveling to the airdrome and to debar airdrome gates astatine this clip unless you person idiosyncratic instructions from a U.S. authorities typical to bash so,” the alert said.

On Tuesday, arsenic helium confirmed his determination not to widen the evacuation deadline beyond Aug. 31, President Joe Biden acknowledged the increasing threat the radical poses to the airport.

“Every time we’re connected the crushed is different time we cognize that ISIS-K is seeking to people the airdrome and onslaught some U.S. and allied forces and guiltless civilians,” Biden said.

Concerns accrued aft much than 100 situation inmates loyal to the ISIS affiliate successful Afghanistan escaped from 2 prisons adjacent Kabul arsenic the Taliban precocious connected the Afghan capital, CNN has learned.

One determination counter-terrorism root told CNN that arsenic galore arsenic respective 100 members of ISIS-K whitethorn person escaped from the jails astatine Bagram and Pul-e-Charkhi, some to the eastbound of Kabul. Both prisons fell to the Taliban soon earlier they entered Kabul.

A Taliban spokesperson would not code reports of the escapes erstwhile asked by CNN Wednesday, saying lone they were not confirmed.

As for the hazard of violent attacks astatine and astir the airport, a Taliban spokesperson said Tuesday: “There person been reports that immoderate ill-wishers privation to disrupt the information concern determination by attacking and harming radical and the media. So don’t spell adjacent to the airdrome to debar being hurt.”

According to officials successful the erstwhile Afghan government, determination were astir 5,000 inmates astatine the Bagram installation erstwhile the United States near it successful July. They included members of the Taliban, al Qaeda and ISIS arsenic good arsenic mean criminals.

ISIS-Khorasan is simply a subdivision of the panic radical that archetypal emerged successful Syria and Iraq. While the affiliates stock an ideology and tactics, the extent of their narration with regards to enactment and bid and power has ne'er been wholly established.

U.S. quality officials antecedently told CNN the ISIS-K rank includes “a tiny fig of seasoned jihadists from Syria and different overseas violent fighters,” saying that the United States had identified 10 to 15 of their apical operatives successful Afghanistan. The group’s sanction comes from its terminology for the country that includes Afghanistan and Pakistan: “Khorasan.”

The U.S. Defense Department Inspector-General for Afghanistan said successful a report covering the months April to June of this twelvemonth that “ISIS-Khorasan exploited the governmental instability and emergence successful unit during the 4th by attacking number sectarian targets and infrastructure to dispersed fearfulness and item the Afghan government’s inability to supply capable security.”

ISIS-K has formed cells successful Kabul, which person carried retired a fig of devastating termination attacks successful and beyond the Afghan superior since 2016.

In May this year, ISIS-K attacked a schoolhouse for girls successful Kabul and killed astatine slightest 68 people, wounding much than than 165, astir of them girls, according to a Defense Intelligence Agency appraisal cited by the inspector general. And successful June astatine slightest 10 radical were killed and 16 others wounded successful an onslaught connected the British-American HALO Trust demining charity. ISIS-Khorasan claimed work for the battle connected the campy successful northeastern Baghlan Province.

The radical has built up a beingness successful eastbound Afghanistan successful caller years, particularly successful the provinces of Nangahar and Kunar. Last August, the radical attacked the main situation successful Jalalabad, the superior of Nangahar, successful an effort to escaped dozens of their supporters who had been captured by the Afghan service and police.

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