Virginia will require state workers to be vaccinated or get tested.

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Virginia volition soon necessitate authorities employees to beryllium vaccinated against the coronavirus oregon beryllium tested each week, joining a fewer different states that person imposed akin mandates, Gov. Ralph Northam said connected Thursday.

And Los Angeles County, the astir populous region successful the United States, volition besides necessitate its employees to amusement impervious of vaccination, opening successful the fall.

States, cities, employers and the national authorities person each turned to mandates to accelerate the gait of vaccinations arsenic cases person jumped crossed the state and the Delta variant has spread. Fully vaccinated radical are protected against the worst outcomes of Covid-19, including those caused by the Delta variant.

New York, California and Puerto Rico person announced akin mandates, and past week President Biden said that federal employees would person to beryllium vaccinated oregon regularly tested for the coronavirus. Major employers similar Tyson Foods, Microsoft, ViacomCBS, Google and Disney person all instituted vaccine requirements of their own.

Virginia’s 122,000 authorities employees and contractors volition request to beryllium vaccinated by Sept. 1, oregon beryllium tested each week, Mr. Northam said. Unvaccinated employees volition besides request to deterioration masks indoors and portion conducting nationalist business.

On Wednesday night, Hilda Solis, seat of the almighty Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, announced that she was signing an executive order directing the county’s 110,000 employees to amusement impervious of a coronavirus vaccination by Oct. 1. While exemptions volition beryllium made for aesculapian and spiritual reasons, the enforcement bid did not supply for a investigating enactment arsenic immoderate different section governments person done.

Her authorization to contented the regularisation stems from Los Angeles County’s declaration of a section exigency successful March 2020, the bid said.

Ms. Solis said successful a connection that since the metropolis reopened connected June 15 the mean fig of regular cases has changeable up eighteen-fold and hospitalizations person gone up fivefold. “As vaccinations proceed astatine a gait slower than what is indispensable to dilatory the spread, the request for contiguous enactment is great,” she said.

The spike successful cases has been driven by unvaccinated residents, according to wellness officials.

At the aforesaid time, the metropolis of Los Angeles and the authorities of California person issued mandates that inquire authorities employees to get vaccinated, oregon hold to regular testing.

In Virginia, astir 66 percent of adults are afloat vaccinated, according to federal data, and the authorities has seen its regular mean of coronavirus cases summation from a debased of 129 connected June 20 to 1,279 connected Wednesday, according to a New York Times database.

“The accomplishment of the Delta variant, combined with the fig of radical who are not vaccinated, is driving our lawsuit counts backmost up,” Mr. Northam said astatine a quality conference.

“The mode that we’re going to triumph this warfare is to rotation up our sleeve and get vaccinated,” helium added.

Mr. Northam called for companies and section governments successful Virginia to institute vaccine mandates of their own, and said helium supported different mitigation measures, similar masking, but that helium was much focused connected getting his authorities vaccinated than imposing a statewide disguise mandate.

That attack is akin to that of Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City, who called this week for proof of astatine slightest 1 vaccination earlier radical tin enactment successful indoor activities, similar going wrong a restaurant, gym oregon theater. He has powerfully recommended that radical deterioration masks indoors, but helium has truthful acold opted not to enforce a disguise mandate.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention past week recommended that adjacent vaccinated radical deterioration masks indoors successful microorganism blistery spots.

Mr. Northam said helium had witnessed the ravages of fatal unwellness firsthand portion moving arsenic a doctor.

“I person watched individuals combat for each breath, and I person besides watched individuals instrumentality their past breath,” Mr. Northam said. “And truthful I privation you to cognize that arsenic your politician I volition bash everything that I tin to support you from that scenario.”

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