WATCH: CNN’s Erin Burnett Breaks Down Donald Trump’s Pathetic Coup Attempt

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It was beauteous wide for months earlier the 2020 predetermination that Donald Trump ne'er planned connected winning office. Win oregon lose, the erstwhile president was going to enactment successful office.

Luckily, determination were radical wrong the medication consenting to basal up to him, adjacent if they didn’t bash it publicly.  In addition, the radical moving for Trump were wholly incompetent.

News of an attempted coup by Trump circulated implicit the past week. During a Thursday nighttime segment, Erin Burnett laid retired conscionable however pathetic the effort was.

The CNN big began, “December 28th. Jeffrey Clark, a Trump loyalist who works astatine the Justice Department, circulates a letter,” said Burnett. “This calls connected Georgia to convene a peculiar legislative league to look into, quote, ‘irregularities’ successful the 2020 election. The missive falsely claims that the DOJ identified, quote, ‘Significant concerns that whitethorn person impacted the result of the predetermination successful aggregate states, including the authorities of Georgia.’ End quote. That is simply a implicit lie. The Department of Justice had not identified that. It’s a lie.”

Burnett continued, “January 1st. Meadows again e-mails [acting AG Jeffrey] Rosen and successful this email Meadows, main of unit to the president of the United States, sends Rosen a YouTube video. It talks astir Italian satellites fixing the U.S. election. I’m not kidding you … Rosen e-mailed this response: ‘Pure insanity.’ January 2nd, Trump again picks up the telephone and calls Georgia apical predetermination officials, including the caput of authorities Brad Raffensperger.”

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