WATCH: Rep. Jackie Speier, Who Was Shot by Cult Members, Compares Trump to Jim Jones

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Jackie Speier knows a happening oregon 2 astir cults. Back successful 1978, portion serving arsenic an adjutant to Congressman Leo Ryan, she was changeable 5 times by members of Jim Jones cult.

For the past 14 years, Speier has served arsenic a US congressperson. And she precocious told CNN that she sees a batch of similarities betwixt Jones and Trump.

The California Rep. told CNN’s Brian Stelter:

“You look astatine Donald Trump, a charismatic leader, who was capable to proceed to speech successful presumption that appealed to those who were disaffected, disillusions and who were looking for something, overmuch similar those who became portion of Jim Jones’ congregation, the Peoples Temple. They were mislaid souls, and the lone quality betwixt Jim Jones and Donald Trump is the information that we present person societal media. So each these radical tin find themselves successful ways that they couldn’t find themselves before.”

Speier continued, “The large prevarication has present been embraced by the bulk of members connected the Republican broadside successful the House of Representatives. They are present paralyzed to talk truth. They cognize that the predetermination was not stolen. They cognize that it was held properly. They cognize that determination was not monolithic fraud, and yet they volition proceed to rima those words due to the fact that their leader, Donald Trump, wants to perceive them.”

Watch a clip of the conception below, courtesy of CNN:

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