Weird West, The Upcoming Immersive Sim From Former Dishonored Devs, Delayed To March

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The upcoming immersive sim occidental from erstwhile Dishonored and Prey devs, Weird West, has been delayed. 

Previously owed retired connected January 11, 2022, connected PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Weird West volition now hit those platforms a small implicit 2 months aboriginal connected March 31, 2022. As for why, the squad astatine Wolfeye Studios needs much clip to marque it arsenic large arsenic it tin be. 

“Weird West is an impressively heavy premix of enactment RPG and immersive sim elements built connected the Wolfeye team’s acquisition with Dishonored and Prey,” a property merchandise astir the announcement reads. “Early feedback is fantastic but, arsenic is the case with immoderate immersive sim, determination are a batch of variables that tin pb to unintended consequences. More clip is needed to present an acquisition that the assemblage expects from Wolfeye and Devovler. The squad understands this mightiness beryllium a disappointment to folks, but privation to definite that the crippled they’ve worked connected for years is launched successful the champion signifier possible.” 

Weird West was archetypal announced during The Game Awards 2019 and it promised a precise weird westbound indeed, implicit with gunslingers and fantastical creatures. Two years later, 1 Game Informer exertion went hands connected with it and determined that Weird West is simply a chaotic westbound worthy exploring

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