West Lafayette mayor apologizes for vulgarity about the unvaccinated

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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WISH) — West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis apologized connected Thursday aft expressing vexation astir COVID-19 conspiracy theories during a Tippecanoe County Health Department briefing, saying those inactive unvaccinated judge the microorganism is fabricated and does not person immoderate interaction connected their life.

“I mislaid my temper astatine a assembly gathering and I notation them arsenic unvaccinated a******s and unluckily that is sometimes accurate. That’s true. We each carnivore work for the transmission of this virus,” Dennis said.

In a statement, the Republican politician said helium stood by his actions, “but with rightful regret for my words”:

“I consciousness profoundly for each citizens of WL. We judge successful subject to cognize the upwind tomorrow. We judge successful the vaccines that ended polio. We are a planetary person of subject and exertion due to the fact that we travel the tenants of science. Our authorities person divided us. I whitethorn person said immoderate harsh words, but the citizens of West Lafayette are tired. Our spouse successful Purdue University worked tirelessly to support the Purdue Pledge. We masked, we distanced, we closed our businesses to support our citizens safe. We volition invited thousands of caller and returning residents  in a substance of days. How tin I inquire our citizens who person sacrificed, with our full nation, to enactment themselves astatine greater risk. I basal by my actions, but with rightful regret for my words. I americium vaccinated. My household is vaccinated. My grandson cannot beryllium vaccinated. I guarantee the wellness of my household and my assemblage by encouraging you to bash your part. Wear your disguise and support the radical you emotion who cannot instrumentality the shot.”

Mayor John Dennis -R, West Lafayette

According to the Indiana State Department of Health, 62% of West Lafayette’s 47906 ZIP codification is afloat vaccinated.

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