Westfield councilor: ‘I can’t help stupid’ at Monon Trail crosswalk

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WESTFIELD (WISH) — The commencement of a high-intensity activated crosswalk strategy connected portion of the Monon Trail successful Westfield has been postponed.

Rain blocked Wednesday’s installation of the HAWK strategy connected the Monon astatine 161st Street.

The hold came arsenic much radical learned of arguable remarks from 1 Westfield City Council subordinate astir pedestrians and motorcycle riders who person been deed by vehicles.

The Monon Trial astatine 161st Street was acceptable to person the caller crosswalk strategy commencement Wednesday. Preparations person been made to enactment a passageway successful the area, but the City Council would person to motion disconnected connected a passageway project.

Troy Patton, a Westfield councilor, said during this week’s finance committee meeting, “I similar the trails. I deliberation they’re nice,” but added it’s excessively costly to physique an underground pedestrian and bicyclist passageway astatine 161st Street.

Signs for motorists astatine the way crossing accidental “cross traffic” connected 161st Street does not stop, and Patton said bicyclists disregard the halt motion astatine the trial. He besides called connected constabulary to antheral the way and to constitute tickets to walkers, runners and bicyclists who don’t obey the law.

The Republican said, “For God’s sake’s, get idiosyncratic retired determination and commencement stopping radical and marque them stop.

“I can’t assistance stupid. If you’re going to tally retired successful beforehand of a car, earthy enactment says that possibly you ought to beryllium done.”

Westfield nonmigratory Matt Deck told News 8, “Both myself and a bulk of our neighbors consciousness that semipermanent the passageway is the champion solution. But if this HAWK strategy tin summation the information of our residents and visitors to the metropolis successful the meantime, past we’re each for it.”

Deck said astir Patton’s remarks, “I conscionable don’t consciousness these are comments that should beryllium made by a nationalist authoritative successful a nationalist setting.” “I don’t consciousness that helium was superior with that remark. But, I would similar him to apologize to the assemblage again for adjacent asserting specified a tragic lawsuit arsenic helium did. I judge that counsellor wants the champion for the citizens of Westfield.”

Another Westfield resident, Jason Leighty, watched video of the concern committee meeting. He said, “There’s a batch of factors astatine play here. So, I don’t instrumentality his words astatine look value. It conscionable sounds frustrating to me. It’s a vexation that is being expressed. It’s a systematic problem.”

Westfield administrators accidental the safest prime would beryllium to wholly abstracted thoroughfare and way postulation by putting the way nether the road. Plans telephone for a people separation astatine the crossing, but the timetable for that is unclear.

Leighty said, “Really, the existent solution that everyone tin hold to is to separate. One way goes over; 1 way goes under.”

News 8 reached retired to Patton for comment, but he’d not responded by Wednesday afternoon.

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