Westfield to launch crosswalk system at 161st Street, Monon Trail

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WESTFIELD (WISH) — A high-intensity activated crosswalk, called a HAWK system, that’s installed astatine 161st Street connected the Monon Trail should statesman cognition Wednesday.

Angel Ray uses that portion of the Monon Trail each week. “It’s precise busy. There’s a batch of postulation and there’s conscionable truthful overmuch going connected with the cars. The travel of postulation is conscionable intense.”

Drivers are not expected to stop, and signs accidental that, but News 8 connected Tuesday watched a fewer vehicles thrust by and question pedestrians and bicyclists to cross. The metropolis authorities has spent astir $100,000 to instal a high-intensity, push-button crosswalk strategy astatine the way intersection.

Ray said, “It’s attainable and it’s thing that we each person needed for a while, rather immoderate clip now.”

Chris McConnell, Westfield’s parks and recreation superintendent, told News 8, “Well, assembly instructed america that we had to enactment it in, and it is besides to effort and assistance marque this interchange a small spot safer. This is astir apt our busiest interchange. We’re conscionable a mates blocks from U.S. 31 connected an off-ramp.”

A akin crosswalk strategy already operates on Hazel Dell Road.

According to McConnell, pedestrians oregon bicyclists connected the Monon Trail property a button. The crosswalk motion volition alteration to “walk,” giving them astir 20 seconds to cross. For drivers, the activated strategy volition spell from a flashing yellowish light, to a coagulated yellow, to a double-solid red. Flashing reddish lights denote the countdown wherever drivers indispensable halt first. But if a driver, pedestrian oregon bicyclist is on astatine the intersection, that idiosyncratic tin proceed on.

“Solid reddish means that idiosyncratic is successful the crosswalk, and you bash request to stop. The flashing reddish is the countdown and you request to halt archetypal astatine the flashing red, but if there’s nary 1 successful the intersection, you tin spell up and proceed connected arsenic a driver,” McConnell said Tuesday.

Stephanie Davis, a Westfield resident, said, “The flashing reddish lights mightiness beryllium a small confusing for people, but I deliberation erstwhile you get utilized to it, I cognize the 1 implicit astatine Hazel Dell works truly well. So, I deliberation it’s going to beryllium large here.”

Westfield nonmigratory Bonnie Miller said, “I spot connected Nextdoor (app) that a batch of radical are against anyone stopping. They consciousness that the drivers should beryllium trained and the walkers should beryllium trained and conscionable anticipation for the best, but I similar the thought of information first.”

City administrators said the safest happening would beryllium to wholly abstracted vehicular and pedestrian postulation by putting the way nether the road. They person plans for a people separation, but that timetable is up successful the air.

McConnell said, “Back erstwhile (U.S.) 31 was nether operation and the roadworthy was closed, we took the archetypal measurement of putting the passageway lid and the pilings oregon the alloy beams that would extremity up being the walls nether the road. So, there’s not a passageway present per-se, but the apical of the passageway and the pilings are present and presently we are successful plan to determination guardant with the thought of putting a passageway nether 161st Street.”

City administrators said yet the City Council volition determine whether to determination guardant with a passageway project.

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