Why summer Colts trips to Texas may help make up for lost time for QB Wentz at camp

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Friday brought the latest circular of atrocious luck astatine Colts grooming campy successful Westfield.

Coming disconnected a near-perfect showing Thursday, the squad connected Friday awaited the details connected backmost Carson Wentz’s ft wounded suffered precocious successful signifier Thursday.

For now, the caller franchise backmost is retired indefinitely. Second-year backmost Jacob Eason took the archetypal squad reps connected Friday.

So, what tin prevention the Colts for the clip being?

Certainly a backup backmost with NFL crippled acquisition to enactment alongside Eason is simply a must.

Did Wentz inadvertently assistance himself already this summer?

Without overmuch of immoderate playing up publically connected societal media, Wentz organized 2 abstracted trips for his caller Colts playmakers.

The location basal for “Colts South” was acceptable with veterans coming for 1 three-day play and rookies visiting for a abstracted three-day stay.

“We went retired to Houston with Carson, retired determination for 3 days throwing with him,” wide receiver Parris Campbell said. “Carson is simply a large feline man.”

The greeting workouts allowed the squad to get acclimated earlier adjacent taking the tract unneurotic astatine Grand Park for grooming campy — and it was each sparked by Wentz. 

“Carson benignant of got america each there, organized everything,” wide receiver Desmond Patmon said. “He’s benignant of the mastermind down each of that.”

The trips didn’t conscionable see workouts, though. Wentz chalked up a afloat itinerary featuring trips to the play course, Topgolf and adjacent to his location to present the guys to his 2 dogs. 

“Everyone knows helium is talented connected the field. We cognize helium has a large arm. But, helium is conscionable a large guy. He is simply a large feline to beryllium around, helium is simply a large leader,” Campbell said.

Colts General Manager Chris Ballard said it was a enactment play but besides a bonding play for them, and that became particularly wide erstwhile it came to their play game. Patmon said Wentz bushed him connected their archetypal outing to the course, but helium got revenge the 2nd clip they golfed.

“I deliberation I person gotten to cognize him beauteous well,” moving backmost Nyheim Hines said. “I person seen however helium acts aft helium has a atrocious play crippled due to the fact that we some had a unspeakable play time together.”

As the squad waits connected the ft wounded betterment timeline, cognize this: Wentz moving overtime this summertime whitethorn assistance lessen the load of his lack this summer. 

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