100 Million Reasons Why Trump’s Threat To Democracy Can’t Be Ignored

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Some inactive judge that if the federation ignores Trump, helium volition vanish, but Trump present has a $100 cardinal warfare thorax for his onslaught connected democracy.

Via: CNN:

The Trump governmental organization’s $102 cardinal currency reserves correspond an unprecedented warfare thorax for an ex-President astatine this signifier of the predetermination cycle, CNN’s Fredreka Schouten reported connected Saturday, erstwhile Trump’s squad announced its fundraising totals for the archetypal fractional of the year. Its 3.2 cardinal contributions to 2 governmental enactment committees mean that Trump tin beryllium a ascendant kingmaker successful the midterm elections and helium has much than capable currency to concern his ain demagogic rallies.


The size of his haul —- which his squad said includes astir $82 cardinal raised successful the archetypal six months of this twelvemonth and immoderate funds donated successful 2020 and transferred this twelvemonth — is simply a commentary connected the governmental authorities of the federation and his ain character: helium is raising funds connected the powerfulness of a prevarication that millions of Americans privation to beryllium existent and that is fundamentally altering politics.

Trump Isn’t Satisfied With Just Money Anymore. He Wants Power.

Trump can’t beryllium ignored, due to the fact that helium is trying to destruct ideology successful bid to instrumentality himself to power, and if he’s backmost successful power, who is to accidental that helium volition ever leave?

If Democratic norms are shattered and elections are rigged, Trump could disregard the constitution and support moving for president for the remainder of his life. The United States would successful the blink of an oculus go Russia oregon North Korea.

Ignoring authoritarians lone makes them stronger by weakening the opposition. Authoritarians don’t pouch the currency that they person grifted and determination on. History shows that erstwhile a dictator takes power, it takes a convulsive overthrow to get escaped of them.

Disregarding the Trump menace is the aforesaid arsenic ignoring the menace to democracy, and Americans person 100 cardinal reasons to support Donald Trump successful exile.

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