Afghanistan: Attack on UN mission draws global condemnation

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So-called “anti-Government elements” targeted entrances of the intelligibly marked UN facility with rocket-propelled grenades and gunfire just hours after Taliban fighters penetrated Herat city and clashed with Afghan information forces adjacent UNAMA’s provincial headquarters. 

“This onslaught against the United Nations is deplorable and we condemn it successful the strongest terms”, said Deborah Lyons, the UN Special Representative for the country.  

“Our archetypal thoughts are with the household of the serviceman slain and we privation a speedy betterment to those injured”, she added. 

Support for peace 

Secretary-General António Guterres added his strong condemnation and reminded that “attacks against UN unit and premises are prohibited nether planetary instrumentality and whitethorn represent warfare crimes”.   

In a statement issued done his Deputy Spokesperson, Farhan Haq, Mr. Guterres reiterated the UN’s committedness of enactment to the Government and radical of Afghanistan successful their efforts to execute bid and stability.  

The UN main also expressed his condolences to the bereaved household and wished the injured a speedy recovery.  

Bringing the perpetrators to account 

UNAMA reported that no UN staff were hurt successful the incident. 

“The perpetrators of this onslaught indispensable beryllium identified and brought to account”, said Ms. Lyons, who besides heads UNAMA. 

The UN’s beingness successful the country is as a civilian entity focused connected supporting bid efforts, promoting the rights of each Afghans and providing humanitarian and improvement assistance. 

The UN expressed its gratitude to the Afghan Directorate of Protection Services officers who defended the compound from the attackers. 

Multiple UN Member States, and regional organizations on Twitter, added their condemnation of the assault and called for justice.  

Taliban advances 

Herat metropolis is the 2nd provincial capital area that Taliban fighters have entered in the abstraction of 24 hours, according to quality reports. Insurgents entered the superior of the confederate state of Helmand a time earlier, and as clashes continue there, civilians are rushing to evacuate the city. 

 An Afghan pistillate   covers a kid  nether  her Borqa portion    passing done  a passageway  successful  Herat, Afghanistan.

On Friday, the Taliban battle connected the outskirts of Herat, reportedly forced galore civilians to flee.  

Casualties mount 

Meanwhile, new UN data released earlier successful the week revealed a surge in civilian casualties. 

More women and children were killed and wounded successful Afghanistan successful the archetypal fractional of this year than successful the archetypal six months of immoderate twelvemonth since records began successful 2009, according to the report

UNAMA expressed particular concern over an acute emergence successful the fig of civilian casualties – with arsenic galore killed successful May and June arsenic successful the preceding 4 months. 

The study did not screen casualties during July, erstwhile warring intensified further. 

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