Amanda Knox claims 'Stillwater' is profiting off her life

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(CNN)Amanda Knox is claiming the caller Matt Damon movie "Stillwater" is profiting disconnected her life and her conflict for a wrongful execution conviction.

Knox and her erstwhile fellow Raffaele Sollecito were convicted and aboriginal acquitted successful an Italian tribunal for the 2007 sidesplitting of Knox's roommate, Meredith Kercher, successful Perugia, Italy, wherever Knox was a student.

"Stillwater" manager Tom McCarthy has said Knox's lawsuit inspired the storyline.

    Of the movie, Knox tweeted Thursday: "Does my sanction beryllium to me? My face? What astir my life? My story? Why does my sanction notation to events I had nary manus in? I instrumentality to these questions due to the fact that others proceed to nett disconnected my name, look & communicative without my consent. Most recently, the movie #STILLWATER"

      Knox said that she "would emotion thing much than for radical to notation to the events successful Perugia arsenic 'The execution of Meredith Kercher by Rudy Guede,' which would spot maine arsenic the peripheral fig I should person been, the guiltless roommate."

      Knox besides invited McCarthy and Damon to articulation her connected her podcast "Labyrinths," to sermon the events successful the film.

      "By fictionalizing distant my innocence, my full deficiency of involvement, by erasing the relation of the authorities successful my wrongful conviction, McCarthy reinforces an representation of maine arsenic a blameworthy and untrustworthy person," Knox said of a twist ending successful the movie.

        "I person not been allowed to instrumentality to the comparative anonymity I had earlier Perugia," Knox said. "My lone enactment is to beryllium idly by portion others proceed to distort my character, oregon combat to reconstruct my bully estimation that was wrongfully destroyed."

        Knox, whose lawsuit was a media sensation successful Italy, spent 4 years successful an Italian situation earlier being afloat exonerated.

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