Arizona GOP Busted As Judge Rules All Documents On Who Is Paying For “Audit” Turned Over

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A justice has ordered Arizona Senate Republicans to crook implicit each documents related to the “audit” of 2020 ballots and who is paying for it.

Judge Michael W. Kemp ruled:

On July 15, 2021, the Court entered a Minute Entry Order (incorporated herein by successful which it rejected the 2 defenses raised by the Senate Defendants:  Arizona’s Public Records Law does not use to records held by agents of nationalist officers and nationalist bodies that execute halfway authorities functions, and whether the Senate Defendants complied with the Public Records Law is simply a nonjusticiable governmental question.

The Court frankincense held that “any and each documents with a important nexus to the audit activities are nationalist records” and further, that each documents and communications relating to the readying and execution of the audit, each policies and procedures being utilized by the agents of the Senate Defendants, and each records disclosing specifically who is paying for and financing this legislative enactment arsenic good arsenic precisely however overmuch is being paid are taxable to the PRL. Senate Defendants indispensable request the records from CNI and past subvendors oregon invoke the indemnification clause of the declaration present that Senate Defendants are engaged successful litigation.

Arizona Republicans Can’t Hide Who Is Funding The “Audit”

The American radical are going to find retired who organized this audit and who has been paying for it. Two antithetic reports suggest that it was Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani who pushed for the audit, and respective big-money blimpish groups similar ALEC and ‘The Heritage Foundation are paying for it.

The audit is some a scam and a cardinal to the Republican onslaught connected democracy. and soon the American radical volition larn each astir the details of the plot.

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