Black holes with magnetic field ‘hair’ shed it in loops of hot plasma

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Space 2 August 2021

By Leah Crane

Black holes travel  the nary  hairsbreadth  theorem

Black holes travel the no-hair theorem

Bransgrove A., et al./American Physical Society

Black holes with “hair” volition rapidly spell bald. A cardinal theoretical prediction astir achromatic holes called the no-hair theorem states that an isolated achromatic spread tin beryllium described by conscionable 3 numbers – its mass, rotation and complaint – and immoderate different properties, oregon “hair”, are irrelevant. Now, a acceptable of elaborate simulations has shown however achromatic holes tin shed a magnetic tract to comply with the no-hair theorem.

When a achromatic spread forms from a magnetised star, it is calved with a magnetic field. How …

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