Boba Fett Is Now In Fortnite

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The Book of Boba Fett arrives connected Disney+ connected December 29, but you don't person to hold that agelong to play arsenic the feared bounty huntsman successful Fortnite. He was added to the store today, sporting his caller look from the forthcoming streaming series.

If you acquisition conscionable the Boba skin, you'll besides get his Z-6 jetpack, arsenic good an emote wherever helium utilizing his targeting computer. You tin besides separately acquisition his starship (formerly named Slave One) arsenic a glider, and his gaffi instrumentality arsenic a harvesting tool. You tin get everything unneurotic successful a bundle should you privation it all.

Boba isn't the lone Star Wars quality successful Fortnite today. While it's a bummer he's the lone caller look from The Book of Boba Fett, Epic Games did bring backmost the antecedently released imperial tempest trooper skin, on with a Y-Wing glider, and a acheronian broadside emote.

There's a accidental much characters from this bid volition look successful Fortnite implicit time, but for now, we'll conscionable person to usage the caller renter of Jabba's Palace. Unlike Fortnite's merchandise of The Mandalorian contented past year, Boba Fett's accomplishment doesn't adhd caller missions oregon armor upgrades – it's conscionable the tegument and themed accessories.

Epic updates Fortnite's store each time with caller contented astatine 4 p.m. PT. We're inactive waiting for Matrix skins, which we judge volition beryllium coming aft the precocious added emotes and glider, but there's a accidental that's each we'll get. Epic whitethorn beryllium moving connected to Star Wars and different properties successful the days ahead. We'll person to hold to spot what comes next.

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