Cruis’n Blast Could Get Online Multiplayer, Additional Content In Future Update

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Online multiplayer functionality and DLC could soon beryllium coming to Raw Thrill’s Cruis’n Blast successful a aboriginal update. 

First reported by Nintendo Life, Raw Thrills brag Eugene Jarvis precocious took portion successful a Reddit AMA where helium talked astir a fig of video game-related things, including the recently-released Cruis’n Blast. He said that the adjacent extremity for the squad is online multiplayer. 

“Online multiplayer is retired adjacent extremity for Cruis’n/Switch…when we get our online multiplayer going, we’ll decidedly look astatine bringing connected immoderate much content,” Jarvis said successful the AMA

While not authoritative confirmation that online multiplayer and further contented are coming to Cruis’n Blast, it’s astatine slightest bully to perceive that Raw Thrills is looking into both. That’s large due to the fact that 1 Game Informer exertion who wrote up their archetypal impressions of the arcade racer noted that it was a disappointment Cruis’n Blast didn’t diagnostic online multiplayer

Elsewhere successful the AMA, Jarvis said he’d emotion to spot the archetypal Cruis’n Nintendo 64 trilogy ported to Switch and that he’ll “talk to Miyamoto” astir seeing what Raw Thrills tin do. 

Only clip volition archer if online multiplayer and further contented similar caller cars and tracks marque their mode to Cruis’n Blast. For now, check retired our thoughts connected successful it this occurrence of All Things Nintendo, which is Game Informer’s Nintendo podcast, and past work astir however Cruis’n Blast is an unapologetic, enjoyable arcade racing throwback aft that. 

[Source: Nintendo Life]

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