Dead Space Remake Is Being Directed By Former Assassin's Creed Director

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There person been respective rumors antecedently astir erstwhile Assassin's Creed manager Eric Baptizat and his relation successful the then-rumored Dead Space Remake. Still, a bully little LinkedIn update has proven those rumors true. Baptizat near his 16 year-tenure astatine Ubisoft down to enactment astatine EA Motive, and present we cognize what drew him to the EA broadside of gaming. 

For those that whitethorn beryllium unfamiliar, Baptizat was the crippled manager for Assassin's Creed Valhalla, but his ties to the stealth bid grow beyond that. He has antecedently taken a pb decorator relation connected different Assassin's Creed titles specified arsenic Origins, Black Flag, and Unity. Baptizat is pooling his expertise with different Ubisoft veterans, including Watch Dog Legion's Philippe Ducharme and For Honor's Roman Campos-Oriola. A fewer BioWare vets are besides joining the fearfulness remake's efforts and a fewer members from the archetypal Dead Space team. 

In a caller interview, some Cucharme and Campos-Oriola talked astir what the remake volition person to offer, including however the squad is rebuilding definite aspects of the space-faring adventure. “We started with the archetypal level plan of the archetypal Dead Space," said Campos-Oriola erstwhile talking astir referencing archetypal assets, including those that ne'er made launch. "What's comic is that you tin spot immoderate of the iterations that were made anterior to vessel by the team. In the archetypal chapter, you tin spot immoderate corridors that they wanted to bash archetypal successful a definite way, and past you tin recognize wherefore they changed it for method constraints oregon [some different reason].

“Then, successful presumption of visuals, sound, gameplay, everything, we are rebuilding each of these assets. We are not porting them; it's not uprezzing the texture oregon adding much polygons to the model. It's truly rebuilding each these elements, shooting each the animations, et cetera.”

The brace besides talked astir however the squad has noticed a fewer plotholes, particularly erstwhile going from Dead Space 1 to Dead Space 2 and past from 2 to 3. Because this remaster is tackling the archetypal crippled with penetration into what happens adjacent with aboriginal entries, the squad volition beryllium moving to capable successful a fewer of the areas overlooked the archetypal clip around. 

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[Source: LinkedIn via PC Gamer]

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