Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour Returns Next February With New Announcements And More

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Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour is acceptable to instrumentality successful 2022. 

More specifically, it seems we’ll beryllium getting immoderate caller looks astatine Dragon Ball games similar Dragon: The Breakers connected Februrary 18, 19, and 20 adjacent year. The announcement tweet astir this returning lawsuit promises fans a accidental to “experience the latest Dragon Ball announcements together.” 

The authoritative Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour site lists the following, though there’s nary connection connected if this means we’ll beryllium seeing announcements for each of these Dragon Ball-related things: 

The Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2022 trailer promises each of the zaniness you mightiness expect retired of this lawsuit based connected erstwhile showcases similar this. It besides seems to showcase a metaverse-like virtual mounting for players to bask the 3 days of the event. Only clip volition archer for now. 

For more, caput to the official Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2022 website and past work astir the caller uncover of Dragon Ball: The Breakers, a delightfully silly-looking asymmetrical multiplayer game. Check retired Game Informer’s Dragon Ball FighterZ review aft that. 

What bash you anticipation to spot during Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2022? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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