Eldest Souls – New Gameplay Today

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Eldest Souls, arsenic you mightiness person guessed by its name, is simply a Souls-like experience. Before you rotation your eyes astatine the thought of yet different “one of these,” this crippled trims the fat, truthful to speak, by removing force grunts and maze-like exploration to absorption connected 1 element: epic, sweat-inducing brag battles.

From an enraged werewolf-like warrior to a formidable crystal golem, Eldest Souls’ rogue’s assemblage is nary gag successful presumption of challenge. Thankfully, you tin support the likelihood leveled astatine each times, acknowledgment to a healing strategy that restores HP each clip you onshore a almighty blow. No request to fuss implicit moving retired of estus flasks oregon different pick-ups. Want to regain that chunk of wellness you conscionable lost? Charge up your sword and acquaint it with the soma of your opponent. Not lone does this strategy promote a much assertive playstyle, but it rewards that boldness by fundamentally letting you heal arsenic overmuch and arsenic often arsenic you like. Of course, that tin beryllium easier said than done. Bosses won’t conscionable crook implicit and fto you wail connected them aft all. 

Intrigued? If so, articulation Marcus Stewart, Dan Tack, and Alex Van Aken arsenic we instrumentality a look astatine Eldest Souls opening brag battles and springiness the skinny connected what makes the acquisition tick. Since we’ll beryllium showing disconnected New Game + footage, you’ll besides get a glimpse astatine immoderate chill late-game abilities.  

If you similar what you see, you tin prime up Eldest Souls close present for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. 

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