Evil Dead: The Game Delayed To 2022, Single-Player Mode Announced

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In a twelvemonth rife with delays, Evil Dead: The Game has hopped atop the increasing pile. Although the adaptation of the fashionable movie and TV franchise ne'er had a factual merchandise date, it was projected to motorboat sometime aboriginal this year. That’s nary longer the case, arsenic developer Saber Interactive announced connected Twitter that it volition present motorboat the crippled successful February 2022.

As reported by GameSpot, the announcement states that the squad needs other clip to springiness Evil Dead the polish it deserves. Saber besides states that they’ll usage the clip to enactment connected a recently revealed single-player mode. Up to this point, Evil Dead has been presented arsenic an asynchronous multiplayer fearfulness crippled successful the vein of Dead by Daylight. Players instrumentality power of iconic characters specified arsenic Ash to enactment unneurotic to instrumentality connected player-possessed monsters. Single-player volition let players to bask the crippled without buddies successful tow, but Saber didn’t divulge further details. However, the workplace did archer fans to expect caller quality updates, a caller gameplay video featuring Cambell, and pre-order accusation successful the adjacent future. 

Evil Dead: The Game volition beryllium releasing successful February 2022
Hey groovy gamers, we're targeting a caller merchandise day to springiness the squad immoderate other clip for polish and to guarantee this is the eventual Evil Dead acquisition you’re each waiting for! pic.twitter.com/c5I4OSQshA

— EvilDeadTheGame (@EvilDeadTheGame) August 5, 2021

Evil Dead: The Game was first announced during the 2020 Game Awards and resurfaced arsenic a portion of this year’s E3 festivities. The crippled draws inspiration from the Evil Dead movie series (minus the 2013 sort-of-reboot) and the Ash vs Evil Dead TV show. It's worthy noting that a caller film, Evil Dead Rise, is slated to premiere connected HBO Max successful 2022. With the crippled present launching the aforesaid year, the alteration successful merchandise day whitethorn beryllium adjacent much beneficial if the caller movie generates a renewed excitement successful the franchise. 

Evil Dead: The Game is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. 

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