Four Star Wars Battlefront II Action Figures Are On The Way

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Each week, Hasbro unveils caller Star Wars enactment figures astatine Bring Home the Bounty. This week's uncover focuses its sights connected Electronic Arts' Star Wars Battlefront II video crippled from 2017. Hasbro is bringing 4 caller enactment figures from the crippled to market. All 4 are Clone Troopers decked retired successful immoderate of the game's unsocial armor coloring. Three of the figures autumn into the 3 and 3/4-scale Vintage Collection, with the last 1 joining the Gaming Greats Black Series line.

The second fig is the Umbra Operative Arc Trooper with a chill achromatic and orangish coloring. This clone stands at astir six inches successful tallness and comes with 2 pistols. It volition beryllium sold exclusively astatine GameStop with an expected vessel day adjacent April.

A smaller, vintage mentation of the Umbra Operative Arc Trooper is besides connected the mode adjacent April exclusively astatine Entertainment Earth. This iteration comes with 4 weapons and a removable helmet.

Next up successful the Vintage enactment is simply a antithetic Arc Trooper decked retired successful reddish and achromatic armor, astir looking similar it has Xbox 360's reddish ringing of decease connected its helmet. This fig is expected successful April exclusively astatine Big Bad Toy Store.

The past Battlefront II fig revealed is, you guessed it, yet different Arc Trooper – this 1 choosing to deterioration achromatic and achromatic armor with hints of greenish to battle. This fig comes with 4 weapons, a removable helmet, and volition beryllium sold exclusively astatine Dorkside Toys successful April.

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