Fox Host Kurtz Slams Geraldo, Others for Shaming People Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated

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An atrocious batch of Americans person refused to get vaccinated truthful far. As a result, the pandemic is continuing to grow, particularly successful areas with ample pockets of Republicans.

Fox News, of course, doesn’t privation to blasted their viewers for their nonaccomplishment to get shots. So alternatively the web has continued to propulsion hesitancy towards the vaccinated. And plentifulness of attempts person been made to blasted Blacks and Hispanics for the surging caseload.

During his Sunday show, Howard Kurtz defended those who garbage to get inoculated and slammed media personalities who are shaming these people.

During a sheet discussion, Kurtz began, “I knew it, I knew from the infinitesimal that CNN’s Don Lemon denounced unvaccinated Americans for their idiotic behavior that we were headed into a surge of choler against those who haven’t gotten the shots.”

The big continued, “It is antithetic successful the sense that there’s this conventional contented successful the media that it’s conscionable Republicans over Democrat whose are much weary. When you interrogation radical arsenic the New York Times does successful a story today you find retired that people are disquieted astir the information that the FDA hasn’t fixed last approval, what the broadside effects may be, if they’re successful a rural area they whitethorn not person access. What astir media radical similar don lemon, Piers Morgan, who are saying you haven’t gotten the shot you’re arrogant, selfish, ignorant, however does that assistance the situation?”

Fox big Howard Kurtz slams the media for shaming radical who garbage to get vaccinated.

— PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) August 1, 2021

The Fox web has continued to springiness their viewers an disconnected ramp for vaccine refusal. Kurtz’s Sunday conception was simply different illustration of that.

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