Here’s A Real-Life Version Of Pokémon Red And Blue’s Bicycle

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One of the champion moments of Pokémon Red and Blue is yet obtaining the bicycle. Quickly speeding crossed the satellite you spent hours trudging crossed connected ft feels liberating and you admit it arsenic much as immoderate of your pouch monsters. Well, what if I told you that The Pokémon Company is giving distant a real-life mentation of that bike? That's close it could beryllium yours … arsenic agelong arsenic you unrecorded successful Japan.

As spotted by Kotaku, The Pokémon Company is celebrating reaching 1 cardinal Twitter followers by creating a replica of Generation 1’s bicycle. While garnering a cardinal fans is simply a large deal, that fig has dual significance. It straight references the in-game terms tag of the bike, which fans apt retrieve stood astatine 1,000,000 Poké-monies (or whatever Pokémon currency is called). Since players’ wallets were capped astatine 999,999, it was virtually intolerable to acquisition and could lone beryllium obtained by trading a motorcycle voucher earned earlier successful the game.

Before you get excessively excited astir recreating your Kanto escapade successful existent life, you can't really thrust this bike. You’ll announcement it lacks a motorcycle concatenation and is purely meant to beryllium displayed. The motorcycle besides isn’t for merchantability and volition beryllium fixed distant to 1 fortunate instrumentality that follows the @poke_times Twitter relationship and retweets ポケモンの100万円じてんしゃ which translates to “# Pokémon's 1 cardinal yen bicycle”. Anyone tin participate but The Pokémon Company states that the motorcycle volition lone beryllium shipped domestically successful Japan. 

The giveaway begins contiguous and runs until August 3. If you reside successful Japan oregon astatine slightest person an code determination the motorcycle tin beryllium sent to, whitethorn the likelihood beryllium ever successful your favor. If you’re similar those of america who are not successful Japan, we’ll proceed to jealously respect the craftsmanship and amusive attraction to item successful the photos. 

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[Source: The Pokémon Company via Kotaku]

So, immoderate of you surviving successful Japan readying to participate the giveaway? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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