Jamie Lee Curtis says her daughter is transgender and she is proud of her

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(CNN)Jamie Lee Curtis has proudly shared for the archetypal clip that her younger kid is simply a transgender woman.

The Golden Globe-winning histrion made the announcement -- with her daughter's support -- successful a caller screen interrogation with the AARP magazine, saying she and her hubby Christopher Guest "watched successful wonderment and pridefulness arsenic our lad became our girl Ruby."

Ruby, 25, is 1 of 2 children adopted by Curtis and Guest -- champion known for playing pb guitarist Nigel Tufnel successful "This Is Spinal Tap" -- aft they struggled with infertility. The mates besides stock 34-year-old girl Annie.

    Curtis -- whose movie credits see the "Halloween" movies, "Freaky Friday" and "My Girl" -- besides revealed successful the interrogation that Ruby, who works arsenic a machine gaming editor, is readying to get joined adjacent twelvemonth "at a wedding that I volition officiate". She offered nary further details astir the upcoming nuptials.

      On the taxable of perchance becoming a grandparent successful the future, the 62-year-old prima told the magazine, which is produced by nonprofit The American Association of Retired Persons: "Not yet, but I bash anticipation to."

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      Curtis shared a photograph of her AARP mag screen connected Instagram connected Thursday, telling her 3.3 cardinal followers that she had plentifulness of reasons to smile.

      "I precise seldom grin successful photographs. An aged idea. I couldn't assistance myself though during this sprout with @aarp @brianbowensmith due to the fact that I AM SO HAPPY!" the caption read.

        In 2017, Curtis -- who has agelong been an LGBTQ state -- shared a Huffington Post nonfiction connected Twitter: "Dear Trans Kids. The missive we each privation we had written. (from a trans teacher)."

        Last year, she announced that she volition beryllium directing and starring successful a TV movie astir Sara Cunningham and her enactment Free Mom Hugs, which works to empower "the satellite to observe the LGBTQIA+ assemblage done visibility, education, and conversation."

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